Versatile blogger award

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s post. I gotta admit. I really suck when it comes to completing awards I’ve been nominated for. To my fellow bloggers who have nominated me for something and I haven’t had the chance to follow through please remind me in the comments so I can work on doing so.

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Chocolate Coconut Haystacks & Special Guest Mention

Hello, everyone! I had a great weekend and I hope you did too. Yesterday I went out with one of my girlfriends and we had a blast! We did normal girly things like a trip to Starbucks and we are both really into Organic and Natural products so we hit up this local Natural Health Food Store. I wanted to tell you about a few things today!!!!

So, the reason we went to Nature’s Emporium was to pick up some of these things called “Chocolate Coconut Haystacks!” They are soooo yummy & addicting! I didn’t realize until purchasing them, how cheap they were. They are only .99 cents!!! Whattt!!!! I should have bought more. I am already eating the second one I bought, looks like I won’t be saving it long.

Containing only four ingredients, these chocolate coconut haystacks made by Little B’s Bakery are delicious, filling, wholesome and made with organic ingredients! Organic Unsweetened Shredded Coconut, Eggs, Cocoa Powder and Organic Cane Sugar. It doesn’t need anything more than that either. Also, they are Gluten & Nut Free and 100 calories so anyone with some health concerns like myself can still treat themselves to these tasty little gems.

Now like the title mentions, Today I have a special guest mention to go out as well. My girlfriend that I went out with is such an awesome gal, she is so involved in our community and loves giving back. I adore that about her. Her good spirited heart is admirable. She is going on a trip soon to Kenya as a Missions Intern and she is doing some fundraising!

I ask you all to do me this big favor and head on over to her website to check out her post on what she will be doing.  Maybe some of you would even like to purchase a shirt and help her with her fundraising. She has some other great recipes on her website that some of you might enjoy as well! So, head on over and check her out!

That’s it for today, I just wanted to make sure I checked in with everyone at least once before my Surgery since I have been so busy. Sometime soon I will be making my own chocolate haystacks from scratch and I will put together a recipe post!

This was another post from my previous website years ago. I will be 100% honest. I never made those haystacks and I never made my own recipe for them either. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ maybe ill put that on an upcoming bucket list though. Lol.