What Are You Looking Forward To This Christmas?

So that’s the question of the day.

My Hubby and I are excited about everything this year as it’s my Daughters First Christmas. 💕 👶

I can’t wait to see her open all her presents on Christmas Morning.

I can’t wait to see her in her little outfits throughout the Holiday Season.

I can’t wait to feed her Christmas Dinner (I’m Canadian so she was just shy of eating solids at Thanksgiving this past October.)

I have already taken her Photos with Santa. She didn’t like him very much but I didn’t force her to sit on his lap very long and she actually sat on my lap for the most part. If she liked Santa I would have let her take photos by herself but I could tell from the beginning she didn’t take very well to him so I stayed instead of traumatizing her.

I’m super excited because my mom and dad are starting a new Christmas tradition with us where they visit our Christmas Eve and bring us Christmas Jammies and spend the evening with us.

We have a smaller tree just because in previous years we didn’t have space for a large tree. We have space now but since we recently moved so we decided to wait until next year to upgrade to a larger tree. We will still be decorating our tree this year because how can we not!!! It’s her first Christmas I’m even going to see if she will hang an ornament by herself.

This Holiday Season we will be Making an Ornament.

We have already started to watch Christmas movies. Check out my post on Baby Friendly Christmas movies if you’d like some ideas on what to watch!

So, in my household, since my daughter has been born, a big thing I have been doing for all of the loved ones in our life is having Elayna sign their cards. If they can hold your finger they can hold a pen! Signing Christmas cards is something we’re doing this year together.

Last but not least we’re going to Read Christmas books. Lots of Christmas Books.

That’s it for today just wanted to share a little bit of my excitement for my Baby’s first Christmas. What are you excited about this Christmas???


4 thoughts on “What Are You Looking Forward To This Christmas?

  1. Therose

    I’m looking forward to my daughter’s reactions to her gifts. I’m looking forward to all her chatter this year as this is the first year we can have real conversations with her. I’m looking forward to just spending time together and not having to leave for work. I’m looking forward to making homemade hot chocolate. It’s a Christmas tradition I’ve done for a few years. Enjoy Christmas with your little one. The first Christmas is always fun and memorable.

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    • CoffeeMamma

      Thank you so much for reading my post. It’s so exciting to hear your feedback. Your hot chocolate tradition sounds delicious and lovely. I hope your Daughter loves everything under the tree. Thank you very much and I hope you and your family enjoy Christmas as well. All the best ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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