Stocking Stuffers for Babies

Christmas is approaching it’s literally less than 5 days away now and some of you new parents out there might be wondering “what the hell do I put in infants stocking?”

I was asking myself the same thing a little while ago when I first started my Christmas shopping. But then I realized its pretty easy really at this age! I just wanted to share some quick ideas for parents asking the same question we were!

Wash Clothes

Wash clothes are the perfect item because its familiar to them from bath time and teething, they range in prices from cheap to expensive, they will be nice and easy to pull out of the stocking.

Bath Toys

Again another inexpensive way to fill up the stocking. There are so many to choose from.

Small Toys From the Dollar Store

It never hurts to check and see what they have some of my daughter’s favourite toys are simple, basic and from the Dollar Tree.


Balls of all sizes and textures are a great idea for babies to play with, I’d stick to ones that will fit in the stocking though.


And last but not least

Baby Rings

These are all great small ideas to fill your child’s stocking with. I hope you enjoy your Christmas this year and love every minute of it with your family and new little love edition. If there is something I missed or something you’re doing differently please share in the comments I would love to read your ideas and traditions. Merry Christmas Eve Eve Everyone.


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