3 Word Winter Fashion Challenge

Hello everyone welcome, just a quick little challenge for all my fashion lovers out there.

Today I’ll be sharing a new challenge I would like to start. It’s very simple all you have to do is choose 3 words to describe your winter style and a bunch of lovely photos to help describe more in-depth.

All of the photos I have chosen can be found on my Pinterest Winter board. Where you can find many more photos like these and other winter fun!

Here are my 3 Words:




Now the Photos:

I chose these photos because they reflected my winter style with a well-rounded perfection. The Accessories, the Chunky Sweaters, the Cardigan and Comfy Socks describe my style to a T. Again I would like to state that I found all my photos on Pinterest and I encourage you to check out my Winter Board where you will find all the original photos and posts.

The Challenge Rules:

  • Write a little intro.
  • Give credit to the person who challenged you.
  • Choose 3 words to describe your winter style.
  • Choose at least 5 photos for each word depicting your style sense.
  • Challenge 3 people and let them know.

I Challenge:

Amanda, Growing with Malcolm

Haley, Haleys Beauty Room

James, Lookin Good Feeling Fine

Thank you so much for stopping by today I hope you enjoyed the lovely little post I decided to do.


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