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Hello Everyone, and welcome to today’s post! I saw this post on Amanda’s website Growing with Malcolm and just had to give it a try!

Now I wasn’t one of the nominees but C’mon people, we all know if someone wants to create their own version of the tag they’re going to. Plus I’ve recently been tagged in some of her posts so I understand she needs to share the love with other bloggers too.

So, the rules for the post are quite simple:

  • Share your favourite 7 posts
  • Share the 7 things you loved most about 2018
  • 7 things I’m looking forward to in 2019
  • Tag 7 bloggers
  • Say thanks & link back!

My top Fav Posts from 2018:

Pregnancy Cravings

This was such a fun post to write. Going back and reflecting on my health during my pregnancy was very rewarding too!

So Good Soups

This was a very successful post when I first started out. The soups are delicious and the article inspired a seasonal food post idea going forward!

Maternity Photoshoot

This post I absolutely adore. It captures the beauty of my pregnancy to its fullest and I mean fullest. My photo shoot was the day before I went I to labour! A day I will remember forever ❤

Playtime Ideas for 6-12 Months

The Autumn Blogger Tag

I Loveeee Fall so this was one of my favourite tags.

1K Announcement

Blogger Recognition Award

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

I really learned how much I love doing Gift Guides when I wrote this post.

7 things I loved Most about 2018:

Giving Birth to my Daughter.

Literally the most life-changing moment of my life. The moment my life got x1000 better. I learned so much about myself at that moment. My relationship with my Hubby got so much deeper, stronger, we have really been through almost everything. Next step, Marriage.

Having my Daughter’s Baptism.

We are so grateful to invite her into this beautiful relationship with God and Spirituality. It was an amazing day and we spent it with everyone we love.

Restarting my Website.

I lost everything I had worked for on my old website but the fresh start has been refreshing and rewarding.

Meet & Greet.

I hosted a Meet and Greet after my Daughter was born when she was about 3 months old for everyone who couldn’t make it to the baby shower and hadn’t yet made their way over to come to visit Elayna.

Lost my Best Friend.

During 2018 I lost one of my best friends. It has been rather relieving to some degree. Of course, I miss them dearly and wish them well but I have to take care of my Family now and can’t waste time and energy on people who don’t show up.

Left a Shitty Apartment Moved to a Nicer House.

We left our old apartment and all of its troubles behind and during 2018 we said hello to our new home. 4 floors of Beautiful. Mommy and Daddy even have their own Ensuite, Walk-in Closet and Balcony. Very blessed for our beautiful house.

Baby Group.

During my pregnancy, I joined an amazing group for moms and babies. We Graduated when my Daughter was 6 Months and I’m really thankful for that group. I met some great friends at the group and so my my Daughter ❤ and they’re practically Due date buddies.

Things I’m looking forward to 2019:

Watching Elayna Grow and Learn.

I just can’t get enough of her!

Going back to school?

Ouuuuuu but the question is what should I take. I’ve narrowed a couple things down recently but haven’t decided. NBD though I have 4 other Careers to fall back on in the meantime.

Growing my Blog Meeting my Goals.

Unpacking and Organizing my Home.

Another Baby.

Daddy and I have been talking and we will be trying again a little later on this year!!!

Daughters First Birthday & Party.

I stated both specifically because they will be on different dates but I am so excited and quite scared actually for them to happen. Mainly because I just can’t believe my baby will be 1 in less than a month now.

Networking, Making new Friendships, Colleagues and working with new people.

I’ve already started and I have been loving it so far!

7 Bloggers I’m Tagging:

IndieQueen84, Floating in Dreams

Stay in Bed Mom

Lorien, Yoga Mom

Cortney, Makeup with Courtney

Chloe, Chloe May Blogs

Jessica, Little Blog of Makeup

Beauty and the Foodie Blog

Thank you to everyone who visited this post. It was lovely having you here. Remember even if you aren’t tagged you can still do your own Top 7 Tag! I can’t wait to read them all. Again another big thanks to Amanda for the inspiration for the post.

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