What I Love about Winter

Hello everyone, welcome back! As we approach the last 6 weeks of winter I wanted to share with you all just what it is that I love about winter myself.

This post is very similar to my Fall in Love that you might have seen late last year. I had so much fun with that post that I just had to do another. I know I’m not the only one out there who actually enjoys winter!!!!

Where are my fellow winter lovers at?

Ohkay here’s what I Love:


There are so many things to love about the snow. It’s colour, its cold crisp smell, the beautiful way it makes an untouched open field look immaculate. I have a true appreciation for snow which is a good thing because here in Canada we get a lot of it. It looks wonderful and you can have loads of fun playing in it when you a kid and even when you’re an adult too!

Isn’t this just beautiful?

The Cold Air

There’s something different about the way the air smells in the winter. You know the way the cold air hits the back of your throat, It’s so crisp, sometimes it can be very harsh too but there’s something so awakening about it. Except when it makes it hard to breathe. That part I can live without.

The Glistening Reflection of the White Snow/Winter Scenery

As I mentioned earlier the snow is one of the many things I enjoy about winter. Have you ever driven past a farm during the middle of winter, or past an open valley? Have you ever feasted your eyes on a wide open field with the most perfect, untouched blanket of snow on it? Just snow, snow as far as the eyes can see. This, this is perfection, this is winters bliss. Sometimes I save Christmas Cards to put up as decor the following year because the scenery on some of them is just so beautiful.

Christmas/Holiday Season

Christmas is one of the holidays that takes place during the winter season along with New Years and Valentine’s day. The holidays are just one of the many reasons I love the Winter season. I love spending time with family during the winter season. This year we started a new tradition where my parents come to visit us on Christmas Eve!

My Birthday

So really my birthday is a couple weeks before the season technically starts but honestly after Halloween and Remembrance Day its pretty much winter season in my head!!!!


I use to love making snowmen as a kid and now can’t wait to make snowmen with my own child!!! Let’s not forget Snow Angels!

Chunky Sweaters

Because who doesn’t love chunky sweaters!!!!!! They’re so comfy cozy and soooooo cute.

Snuggling up by the Fireplace

We haven’t hooked up our fireplace since we moved into our new house because we’re still unpacking but I can not wait until its set up again! Snuggling up by the fire is one of my favourite past times with my Hubby. I remember before our Daughter came along we would end up falling asleep snuggled on the couch together. Now we have a 3d snuggler and she’s the best at snuggling there ever was.

My Daughters Birthday!

My daughter is a Winter baby just like me so now every Winter I have my birthday and her birthday to look forward to which is way-way more exciting than mine! I’ve already been planning her birthday for months.

I love Food

The winter season brings some pretty delicious soup recipes, hearty dinner recipes like this Beef Stew recipe below and oh my goodness don’t forget the warming deserts. I love the food that comes with this time of year it’s so warming and comforting. Click on the photo to follow a link to the website I found the recipe on and many more delicious recipes!

Nap all Day.

As a new mom napping is crucial. You know it’s actually a wonderful form of self-care. The more time for napping the better. I’m sure my Mommy Bloggers out there would agree.

Hot Drinks.

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Cider, whatever warms your heart & your insides this winter season.

Winter Fashion.

Very similar to fall fashion, winter fashion includes layering on the clothing and accessorizing to winter protection perfection!

Christmas Lights especially Niagara Falls

Looking at all of the beautifully decorated houses with my family is one of my favourite Christmas past times. I also love the heart of the city when it’s decorated and covered in clean fresh snow. In Niagara Falls, Canada they have like this festival of lights where they have huge light shows you drive through them and walk through some. Christmas light is beautiful.

2-Week Break

I loved this when I was a kid and still love it now. My younger sister is still in her last year of high school awaiting her university response so with the winter break it gives her time to come over and visit my Daughter and I. It also means when my children get older I get extra time to spend with them. Spending time with loved ones.

No Mosquitos Fewer Bugs

I’m sure everyone just loves getting eaten alive in the summertime…


One of the most pleasant things during the winter months is the lack of insects, bug and especially mosquitos. Those things drive me crazy

Snow Day Possibility

During the winter it’s like there’s a possibility every day of a snow day.

Fuzzy Socks

Everyone has got to love Fuzzy socks, I can’t be the only one. They just go so perfectly with the season.

Cool Tone Makeup Stuff

I love love love the makeup changes that come with Winter. There are so many different things you can do and so many different things that you can gain inspiration from.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a completely abnormal person and there are many things I hate about Winter too but these are just some of the endless reasons I love winter. I hope I started to win you over at some point because with all these awesome reasons to love Winter it must be taking all your energy to hate it still!

Most of these photos are either taken from Pinterest or Google I do not own the rights to these photos. Don’t forget to click the photo of the Beef Stew if you want the recipes!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed your time here at The Coffee Mamma!

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