Treats I Allow Myself

Hello everyone!!! I hope you’re all happy for the weekend to be almost over. Everyone loves Weekends right.

Okay we’ll you’re probably not,


In the spirit of it still being the weekend, I decided to share some of the treats I like to indulge in. I feel that its important for our sanity to treat yourself once in a while and what better day than the weekend. Let loose, kick your feet up, relax and grab some treats! I hope you all enjoy my article.

So, some of you might not know the proper definition of what a Treat is so here is a little something to help.

What are Treats?

As Google puts it, it is “An event or item you don’t ordinarily get that you really enjoy.” This could be something fun you don’t normally do, this could be a special coffee you don’t normally get. There are many simple little ways you can treat yourself when you’re feeling either a little under the weather or very deserving.

So now that we’ve covered the basics, that leads me to my next question.

Why do Mom’s Deserve Treats?

So some of you may be asking why do mom’s deserve a treat? Well for the same reason in reason we deserve self-care!!! Mom’s are the heart of the household, where the stitches keeping the family together and going strong. Sometimes we get tired though, sometimes we really deserve that 10 dollar Starbucks coffee because we Rock!!!

So now that I’m getting some of you on board here are some ideas to treat yourself, I use all of them myself.


So the regular old cup of Joe helps us get by on a day to day basis but sometimes when things have been rough, or when you just want a change from your normal coffee cause you have been killing it as a mom, doing new mom things, taking care of new mom things and you’re badass with your rich people coffee.


I’m probably the worlds biggest chocoholic I’m quite picky about my chocolate though.


Spaghetti is one of my favourite favorrriitteeeee things to eat besides Pizza and other delicious home cooked meals by yours truly. Sadly due to the Crohns Disease, I have had since I was 6 years old I can’t have a lot of it. But when the craving gets really bad I sometimes have to give in. I opt for a week that we’re not busy.


I love Chocolate Frosty’s from Wendys. They aren’t overly chocolaty and they aren’t too heavy or thick. I love eating a frosty, while snuggled up having some alone time & tv time at the same time. Add in Greys Anatomy and it sounds like a perfect mommy’s night in.

Boom Chicka Pop

Boom Chicka pop is this delicious organic popcorn I stumbled upon while spending some time living in Burlington. They have delicious flavours I don’t have to feel guilty about eating. They’re healthy and fluffier than Smartfood making it easier on my digestive tract meaning I don’t have to worry about a flare up the next day.

Cup a Tea

I love tea. Sometimes I use it as a clam, soothing alternative to coffee. I love drinking Orange Pekoe Tea and Earl Gray Vanilla most but I also enjoy peppermint, green, blueberry apple cinnamon and so many more.

Raspberry Dressing

So you know how growing up you’re parents have friends that are so close to being family that you call them your aunt & uncle. Well, I have one of those and mine opened my eyes to the wonderful world of salads and man is it vibrant.


Take 10 minutes away from whatever is going on in your life. Even if it’s while you feed your child breakfast or dinner. Reflect on how things have been going, self-reflection and being mindful are one of the first steps to self-care.

Bake Desserts

Bake something sweet that you can indulge in later.


Another thing I can’t have because of my Crohns is Salsa. This sucks for so many reasons but the main one being that It’s so freaking delicious. Just the smell of it makes my mouth water. A couple times a year I treat myself to some salsa and nachos.

With Crohn’s disease, it can sometimes make eating and well all regular normal things a lot harder than they would be if I didn’t have an autoimmune disease. One way or another we make it work.

It’s important to not be hard on yourself and show yourself some love every so often. Especially when you’re a new mom, we’re all just getting the hang of it. Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the treats I like. Please don’t forget to hit the Follow button in the sidebar before you leave. See you next time!!!


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