Favourite Instagram Accounts 2019

Hi everyone!!!! Today is a big day here at The Coffee Mamma. I’m doing my first ever Instagram Roundup! Let’s see who made the cut!

So let me just start off by saying I have missed you all so so much. As I’ve mentioned in some of my recent posts I have had the worst case of writer’s block and I just really haven’t been myself this last week or two. However, I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again and so I decided to share my love for some of the amazing Instagrammers out there that I follow. Some people may not know what Instagram is so I will give a little insight before we get to the goods.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is basically a Social Media platform that’s is used for networking & sharing photos and videos. You can make both personal and business accounts making it a great way for everyone to communicate.

I chose to do this post because I wanted to share my love & appreciation for some of the Instagram accounts I really love spending time on. Some of them are Friends & Family while others you might actually be familiar with as they are Popular & Famous accounts!

Please check them out and see what they’re about!

I’m going to start off with:


Natalie is an extremely talented self-taught MUA I used to work with at my very first job. I remember even way back when we worked together (its been like 7 years now) her makeup was just absolutely stunning all the time. Fast forward 7 years down the road and she now has her own Instagram Profile in which she showcases her amazing talent for all to see. I could spend days and days on her profile, her work is so mesmerizing.


I met this lovely lady back years who when I was on vacation in Quebec. We instantly clicked and ended up becoming friends on social media because she lived in the same province a couple of hours away. Small world! We have been friends for like 7-8 years now. I met her the summer I was in grade 11! She is now a proud Dog Mom with a strong passion for Essential Oils. She’s both inspiring and unique. I promise you’ll love her Profile.

Christmas Abbott

So I am a huge huge fan of big brother I have seen practically every season since season 2 except for a couple around 2015. However, that doesn’t engage the fact that I am one of the biggest big brother fans I know. There are maybe 5 people I know that like it as much as I do. This is one of the contestants from the seasons I watched while I was pregnant. Shortly after, this lady became pregnant herself so having that in common with her, loving her personality and her name too quite frankly, have all lead me to keep up on her very interesting Instagram Profile!



I love this account there are so many Delish things I wish to try.

Malcolm’s Mommy

You have probably seen her guest post or maybe you found my website through hers. Longtime friend now Mommy Blogger Friends too she has truly been blossoming into a well-rounded blogger with a lovely Instagram where she shares her love of her adorable Little Man.

Jessica Graf

Another girl from the same season as Christmas Abbot. I really liked Jessica and the relationship she developed on the show with a man named Cody. I have followed them on their Instagram since the end of the season. She and Cody recently got Married and are expecting too! I just Love looking through all the stunning photos.

Jessica Jade

I have been following this lady since the beginning of my blogging journey 4 years ago. With great content on her website and the most creatively aesthetic photos I have ever seen on her Instagram, you could’ve easily spent hours at a time adoring her work.


Where do I even begin to explain how much I love this girl? We met back in college before she moved to New York. And moving to New York is like one of the coolest things to do ever!!!! We really clicked and have remained friends ever since. She has a thriving YouTube account and a captivating Instagram where she shares her story. She is soon to be joining the Mommy work too as her Due Date is fastly approaching. I love spending time on her account because she is full of so much love and positivity.


C’mon you have to be crazy to not love Ellen!!!

Kelly Bake Shoppe

I visited this bakery with some friends while living in Burlington and I have been in love ever since. I haven’t been in a while but even if you can’t visit their store their photos are so esthetic you’ll love the account anyways!

Carah Amelie

I have followed this YouTuber since I was in grade 7/8. She’s one of my big inspirations and still to this day I watch her. She’s a lovely down to earth Momma and I have even had the pleasure of chatting with her a couple times too. She’s great, so knowledgable and has the best Instagram photos!

Theresa Caputo

If you don’t know who the Long Island Medium then you have got some catching up to do!!!

Hilary Duff

Everyone’s favourite teen Lizzie Mcguire has grown up and taken on a new role in the show called “Younger” it’s a couple season in now and is such a great show. She recently had Daughter too and she’s as so adorable. Get lost in her timeline!

There are so sooooooo many more accounts I really love but if I put them all into one post you’d reading for days. I anticipate that I will do more of these posts in the future so if you’ve got some work you’re extremely proud of the just hit me up in the contact page or through my Instagram or Twitter profile, or even my Facebook Page, go ahead and get in contact with me and if I really enjoy your work I will share your account in my next post! Thank you so much for visiting today post and checking out all of the accounts I love so much.

What’s your favourite Instagram Account?

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