My Labour Story

Hello hello and welcome to today’s post. I couldn’t be more excited and devastated at the same time to share this crazy personal story with you all.

As we all know every mother has a Labour story. Some people remember there’s and some people have no recollection. Some people loveeee their labours and other people not so much. In honour of my Daughters, First Birthday which is just around the corner on February 12th, I’ve decided to share my labour story with you today.

I consider myself extremely lucky as my Labour was Amazing.

Yep, I said it, Amazing.

I loved every part of it. I know it’s crazy, you probably don’t hear that too often. But in my case, it’s 100% true.

In all honesty, my labour story starts about 3 days prior to when I actually gave birth. It started on Friday and I gave birth on Monday.

Friday, late in the morning I met up with my mom and we had some lunch at a restaurant we’ve been going to since I was younger. We had continued to go throughout my pregnancy and all the waitresses kept asking when I was gonna pop! If you knew how tall I was then you’d know the size of my bump was a lot for me to handle.

Then we went to go see the movie Peter Rabbit. It was suchhh a good movie. When it was over I literally spit out “That’s it? It’s over?” Sadly it was. This movie has grown to mean so much to my mom and I and I’m sure one day my daughter too.

After the movie was done we did a bit of shopping then when we parted ways to go home. (I’ve lived with my boyfriend for almost 4 years now) We had grabbed a bunch of last minute items I needed to put I’m my labour and delivery bag. She gave me the breast pump she had picked up for me. It was taking us forever to find the one I wanted but we got it just in time. Literally!

When I came home that evening I took my breast pump out of the box to make sure all the parts were there and I familiarized myself with the product. I tested it on each boob to make sure the parts fit comfortably. If you have ever used a breast pump before you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

So all the things are great! Breast pump works like a charm and I am more than ready to have this baby!! But at this point, there is still 2 weeks to go.

I went to bed and suddenly I was woken up at 3 am to go to the bathroom. It was a very short pee but I still get like there was a bit of liquid coming out. It was thicker though almost like a period clot. When I wiped I found my mucous plug. I started freaking out a bit, it took me a min or two to compose myself. I waited until morning when we woke up to tell my hubby that It came out. He was like oh, okay so were about like 2 weeks away right?


He didn’t quite realize that when you lose your plug its more than likely going to be within the next week that you give birth. Of course, I didn’t tell him that either. Didn’t want to freak him out. You know how most guys get this close to the due date!

FUN FACT: I sent my mother a message with a photo of my mucous plug attached. She was like “greatttt!!”

Anywho, back to how my Saturday went.

So it’s now the morning, I woke up, ate and got ready for my day. It was again perfect timing because I was having my Maternity Photoshoot.

My lovely photographer picked me up and we went to the place I had chosen which was Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington Ontario. There was a lot of walking during the day which was great because they say walking is a healthy way to kick-start your labour.

Well, it worked super well for me apparently.

After we were done I went home and my boyfriend and I had some dinner, watched some tv and smuggled before we went to bed. It was a very relaxing evening and I had felt exhausted. That brings us to Sunday, the day I went into Labour.

So, it was a very interesting day.

We were both really caught off guard. You see even though I had been calling our due date 2 weeks earlier than it actually was since we were out of the first trimester. (Everyone on my mom’s side of the family came 2 weeks early as did my Daughter.) We weren’t actually anticipating id be right. For many reasons we absolutely did NOT want her birthday to be the 11th. Thank God she held off until 8:25 the next Morning. My Daughter finally made her way into the world.

This began my love and appreciation of Monday’s.

But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, back to the story…



It’s Sunday, Feb 11th at about 11:30 in the morning.
I had bad diarrhea then went back to bed, Or at least I tried to…and I thought it was just diarrhea (which is actually a sign of labour.)

Noon hits I feel the urge to pee.

I get out of bed and I make it to the door of my room. I reach for the handle and at that exact moment, my water broke. At first, I just thought I peed myself a little. As you get closer to the end of your pregnancy that is something that can happen. So, I continued to the bathroom. By the time I pulled down my pants more water had trickled out twice. I sat down and let it all release. I cleaned up and went to my boyfriend.

I was like babe we gotta talk and I told him my water broke and he immediately jumped up and started freaking. We were both freaking now. How do you not panic at least a little at this moment?

Shortly after we both calmed down and grabbed the bags (which had already been packed for +2 weeks) and we headed to the hospital. We got to the hospital and went to the labour and delivery unit. They quickly checked us in and had us in a triage room in no time. Every time I moved, spoke, breathed, did ANYTHING boom huge gush of fluid. I literally soaked the whole bed, all my clothes and like 3 blankets…

But that’s not enough, because I still kept leaking all the way home, and back to the hospital andddd all the way until I gave birth. But I guess that’s better than dry labour that’s for sure.

Between 12:30 and 1:30, I hadn’t quite felt contractions yet. At around 1:45/2 pm I starting getting really weird cramps but they we just very faint and tiny and uncomfortable more than anything. I told the nurses about it and asked if they were contractions or not. The nurse at the time said they weren’t but I had a strange feeling they were the very start of them. All the signs were there.

However, Since it was just my water that broke they did some tests and told me since I lived so close to the hospital that I could actually go home if I wanted to. I just had to make sure I had checked myself back in 12 hours after leaving. At that point, they would induce my labour.

I hadn’t eaten anything yet and if I stayed I wouldn’t be eating anytime soon. I decided since I had the option that I should go home, eat something, get some more rest and then return later that night. I’m so thankful I made that decision because I was soo hungry.

We were home just before 3 and had pizza by 315 courtesy of the pizza place down the street. By then my contractions had really started picking up and I was 100% sure that’s what they were now. I finished eating as much as I could and my boyfriend helped me into our bed for some rest.

He laid with me and we started to count the contractions. After realizing my contractions were very close together and getting longer and a lot stronger. I told him it’s time to go back. We called his dad and my boyfriend said we would be going back to the hospital in about an hour. I’m already getting ready to go when he comes back and tells me he will be over to get us in an hour.

I looked at my boyfriend and said you’re kidding me right? An hour???!?!?!?!?!? IM THINKING MORE LIKE 15MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, we had left in 15/20 min and headed back to the hospital. There was no need for me to be triaged again so when we had gotten to the hospital for the second time they had a delivery room all set up and ready to go for us. We got settled in then some of our family had arrived.

In the delivery room, I obviously had my Hubby but my Mother was there too. I had tons of loved ones in the waiting room that each took their turns coming in and out before the pushing started too. I’m so grateful for my amazing support system. We went through the phases, getting all hooked up to the machines to monitor contraction levels and heartbeats etc. and doing standard checks. I was about 4cm dilated at 6:30 pm so we went for a long walk to see if it would help. At about 10 pm I was 5/6 cm dilated and my contraction meter kept reaching as high as 120.

By then it was time for the epidural. Thank god I chose to get the epidural. Best decision ever.

My contractions kept going up to 150 but at this point because of my epidural I was feeling okay. Crazily enough my epidural ran out 3 times. I didn’t even know that was a thing!!! But I had a button I pressed to give myself more medicine when I wanted. We got to about 6:30 am now and I was 9 cm dilated almost ready to go and they realize my daughters head is turned the opposite way they want it to be.

I was terrified, I mean how else do you react when you’re told: “your baby’s head isn’t in the right position”?

That turned out fine though because they did this thing that involved an exercise ball and they had me lay on my side and they rocked my hips back and forth. It turned her around and finished me off. Finally, at around 7:30 am I was 10 cm and I started pushing.

But wait,

Fun Fact: the 3d time my epidural wore out, was just before I started pushing. Whattttt the hellllll!!!!! So obviously I pushed and that part of my labour was essentially natural. After I popped her out all the medication came rushing down my legs and suddenly I couldn’t feel a thing. A little late for that lol. I couldn’t walk, needed a wheelchair and wasn’t able to go to the bathroom on my own until later on that night when I regained movement.

I was super lucky. I had to push for only an hour.


I wanted to see my daughters head as she was crowing, (I wanted to touch it too but for whatever reason, that didn’t happen. πŸ™ƒ) So they brought the mirror in. Suddenly meeting my baby girl seemed that much closer that much more real. My dreams were coming true with every push.

I got her head out and still hadn’t even screamed.

The only time I screamed was during the last push, she tore me as I pushed her shoulders out and that was it. My baby girl was officially here. They placed her on my chest and it was the best moment & feeling in the world. She held my finger and I started crying as she lifted her head up. The first person she looked at was her Daddy. So amazing. I’ll never forget that experience, that moment.

Another fun fact: 8 women, had come, had their babies and gone before I even started pushing at 730 am. I’m literally Rachel Green.

If you don’t understand that reference we can’t be friends. (Lol jk)

For those of you who haven’t had a baby and might not know this, when the baby is placed on your bare chest after giving birth it’s so the baby can use their natural instincts and try to latch onto mamma’s breast as well as for bonding purposes. My babe was soo cute. She tried so hard and did it! After she ate a little bit they took her away from me 😭 but, just over to the scale.

My daughter started freaking as every baby does so I started talking to her. The second she heard my voice she knew everything was okay. She slowed her crying down and just like that she stopped. 😍 She passed with flying colours on all of her postnatal tests. My perfect little girl.

Then Daddy got to spend some time with her while they checked a whole bunch of things like my vitals, this was also when they tested my legs if I could walk or not. About an hour after my Daughter was born we were all ready to go and I was in a wheelchair!

But that’s not allllll πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

We went as far as the maternity ward where we stayed for 4 more days. So that makes it 5 days in total we were at the hospital. Still not bad considering we were a high-risk pregnancy due to myself having Crohn’s Disease and a couple other factors like my total labour time being over 20 hours.

I remember those few days like they were just yesterday. My darling baby girl was so small so tiny but the most beautiful thing I had ever laid eyes on. When you’re pregnant and you hear all these wonderful stories about how immaculate these first few days with your child are you believe them and can’t wait to live them but when you’re actually in the moment it’s so surreal. Nothing feels like holding your first baby in your arms, hearing their first cry that you longed to hear for so long. There are only a couple of things that happen in life that are realllly life changing and this is the best ones.

I will be doing a Post Natal Review of my experience and the care that I received so I will save the rest of this story for another time but, I am so thankful and overjoyed to have gotten the opportunity to share part of such a close and personal story with you. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and enjoy. The biggest thank you goes to my Daughter for being more perfect than I ever dreamed of. I am forever grateful to be your Momma and I will be forever captivated in your silly stories and musical solos.

Happy Birthday my Love ❀


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