Announcement #1701

It’s been a wild year and I am so happy to say,

I made it a whole year without a serious hospital visit for myself. And to be honest that’s actually an accomplishment for me. I guess that’s something eh?

It’s been pretty rough being a new mom with Crohn’s Disease.

I had a whole successful year of being the best mom I can be, toughing it out until I just couldn’t take the sickness anymore and even while in the hospital I’m being told what a wonderful mother I’ve been through this whole thing. Although today was super rough I had so much help from my loving & caring Hubby and Family.

Had the scariest time with bloodwork after having extreme issues and waiting an hour longer than I was supposed to, to make sure my organs weren’t failing I was told that my initial suspicion was correct and I’m having a very bad flare up.

Tomorrow I start a new immunosuppressant and I’m so excited to start feeling better. Just wanted to let you all know I’m still here and I miss you all so sooooo much. I will be back to work at my old pace soon enough I hope.

Well, my gravol is kicking in so for now, Goodnight,

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