Beauty resolutions

Hellooo everyone I am so happy to have you all here today.

I know it’s quite late and even later than I had intended, and in all honesty, I meant to post this over the weekend but instead found myself in the hospital.

I wanted to make sure I get this post out there so I can share my ideas with all of you and so I can hold myself accountable to them. Today’s topic is my 2019 Beauty Resolutions. You have probably stopped by one of my recent posts Blogging Resolutions or General 2019 Resolutions but I didn’t go very in-depth on my beauty resolutions or personal resolutions I focused more so on my family goals.

Something very important to me besides my Family and my Website along with all of you here in my Coffee Mamma Community is my Beauty/Healthcare Regime. The reason I always include health care with beauty is that I feel they go hand in hand. For me personally, when I feel healthy, clean and like I’ve been properly taking care of myself I feel beautiful.

I wanted to start off with the basics because as a new mom you often forget about yourself especially when it comes to the basic things. I would like to develop a beauty routine that involves:

Moisturizing my Lips and Body more. This is important to me because I am a mom and I should take pride in healthy happy skin. Lately, though I just haven’t had the time to make sure I moisturize every day. We just moved and the house is very dry so the lack of time to take care of myself has really been affecting me this year.

I will hold myself accountable to this by making sure I moisturize my dry areas once daily before bed while applying a heaping amount of petroleum jelly to my lips to lock in moisture overnight. Your lips don’t actually rehydrate themselves the way your skin and hair do so it’s really important to be proactive about this.

I want to make sure I shower at least twice a week. Honestly, I swear this is the hardest thing to do as a new mom. I use to shower every other day if not every day, sometimes more than once a day. I love showering it’s like one of my favourite things to do. I literally don’t even feel myself anymore. I mean sure I shower as much as I can but that’s like once or twice a week at most. Now that my Daughter is older I’ve started bringing her in the shower with me which she absolutely loves. This gives me more opportunity to shower and indulge in some self-care for myself. I vow to take advantage of my new ability.

I need to Brush my Teeth more. Another thing moms usually forget to prioritize after giving birth and I tried so hard not to fall out of the habit of my oral care routine but when you don’t even get 5 seconds to yourself to pee prioritizing is kind of a challenging thing. My Daughter is now old enough and definitely has enough teeth to start practicing oral hygiene so we will be incorporating it into the daily routine for both of us!

Calling All Women Bloggers!

I’m looking to start hosting some guest posts. If you’re interested in working with me please join the Group I have started so we can start chatting about it.

Try to do my Makeup once a Week. As long as I feel up to it. It’s the winter and we have been having terrible weather lately so I haven’t been going out meaning really there isn’t much of need for it. (On top of it all I’ve been sick so I haven’t wanted all that stuff on my face unless it’s necessary.) But, I mean I’ve been staying inside so much there isn’t even a need for clothes really just clean jammies and undies. But even when you’re stuck inside it feels so refreshing to put on a nice clean outfit and doll yourself up a little bit.

Something I need to prioritize doing on the days I choose to wear makeup is Take my Makeup Off. This is one of the most important things to remember to do so that your skin and pores have the best time to breathe and stay healthy.

Keep up my Hydration and Take it nice and slow while starting my new pills. It’s very important that I’m very mindful of my reaction to the medication. I need to ensure I’m well enough to take care of my family and these are pretty serious pills with some pretty gnarly side effects too. I’m grateful my Hubby was able to take a couple days off this week while I start them and the side effects are at their heaviest now someones home to take care of my baby and me if I can’t do it myself.

I want to Bring back my food Journal. I call it my food journal but I kept track of a lot more than just that in there. It’s kind of like a health log/diary, I track my food intake, my stools, my water intake how much I have been vomiting. My weight loss, my thoughts and feeling throughout the day. Really it comes in so handy and I miss having it around.

I don’t want to pressure my self to accomplish more than I might be able to handle at this point so I think this is where I will stop and cut my self off. I think a little more than 5 resolutions is plenty to implement into my lifestyle right now. I’ve already started working on a couple of them, after all, I think it said that it takes 21 days to make a habit.

Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing my beauty resolutions with me. I hope you enjoyed reading about what I intend to accomplish over the course of this year. I am looking forward to becoming more myself again. Sony forget to check out my Twitter and Facebook Page!

What are your Beauty Resolutions for this year?

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