30+ Spring Essentials

Hello everyone and thank you for visiting today. Spring is almost here and it’s time to talk about what’s necessary for survival during these months.

As spring gets closer and closer I get more and more excited for many reasons. I’m excited for the warmer weather to come back and I’m excited to be raising a toddler during the spring and summer months. There are so many fun and exciting things we can do and I look forward to all of them.

This ones for the adults today though and with spring around the corner, you’re probably starting to stock up on your spring essentials.

I decided that Spring Essentials was a happy and inspiring topic to me as we Bring in the Spring season so, I wanted to create & share my Spring Essentials Guide for what I feel is Essential Spring 2019. One of the important things to remember is all of the changes that come with the Spring season. This is important when forming your list as it will help you break down exactly what you need.

Changes that happen in Spring:

Weather: The weather changes in many different ways from the sun being out longer and stronger, and let’s not forget the good old saying April Showers bring May Flowers. We can anticipate rain in the forecast that’s for sure.

Flowers Bloom: Speaking of showers & flowers the plants and flowers start blooming and springing back to life. Its such a colourful time of year.

Longer Days: Daylight Savings time happens and suddenly we start getting more value from the time we have in a day. Or at least more sleep like we did the morning of March 10th.


Dresses: Dresses are one of the many ways our wardrobe changes during the spring. We are able to wear playful patterns and plenty of accessories to go with them too!

Bottoms: As the weather gets warmer we slowly start to transition our pants out but there are some styles worth keeping around until summer. They didn’t make it into the photo but don’t forget some white jeans too. Definitely worth having in spring and summer.

Shirts: Dress them up, Dress them down there are so many ways you can style your shirts during the spring. With the cool weather, we still experience throughout spring layering comes in handy.

Floral Everything: There’s something about particular floral patterns that just speaks to my soul.

Spring Themed Jewelry

Flip Flops & Sandals

Rain Boots




Spring Purse

Rain Jacket



The Perfect Spring Cup: I’m working on burning the wax out of my Pineapple Charmed Aroma. It doubles as a cup I keep referring to as my Spring Challace.

A Fresh light look for your Makeup: Springtime means its time to lighten your makeup routine and bring in makeup that allows your skin to breath more. No more need for Heavy Winter Coverage.

Bb Cream

New mascara

A Liquid Highlighter to mix with Foundation for that Perfect Glow

Sleep Mask for Brighter Mornings: Now that Daylight savings time has thrown our clocks back the sun will rise earlier and earlier. What better way to get the rest of your much-needed shut-eye than with a cozy Eye Mask.

Dry Shampoo

Body Lotion

Temporary Tattoos

Cooling Mist Spray

Spring Diffuser Oils

Spring Scented Candles

Popsicles & Ice Cream

Cold Drinks

Sunscreen & Bug Spray: ‘Tis the Season

Binoculars: To appreciate the beauty of the small things or the things that are far away.

I feel like these items are both necessary and smart to have around this Spring. Thank you sooooo much, everyone, for visiting today I am beyond grateful to have you here. I hope you enjoyed my post on what I feel is essential to have during these wonderful Spring Months. If there is anything I forgot or missed that you feel is a great idea, let’s chat about it in the comments!

What is your top must have during the spring months?

6 thoughts on “30+ Spring Essentials

  1. Polly Plaits

    I love Spring; it’s my favourite season. It’s not too hot, but warm enough, the flowers are out and I can start wearing my dresses without the wooly tights.
    Not sure if the world is quite ready for me in shorts though…. 😁
    Great idea for a post!

    Liked by 1 person

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