How to receive a $100 Meal for Free

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s post. I recently went out for dinner with the whole Family and decided to share some times on how I achieved a meal worth $100 for FREE. Yep, you got it.


I have been working hard on 2 fantastic posts but considering how my recent visit went I decided to spread the word and today I’m going to share all my secret tips with you.


Arrive at the Kelseys Restaraunt Queenston and Nash Location.

Be seated with your family and proceed to quietly talk about what you’d like to order while getting snacks out for your hungry Toddler. (Still can’t believe my girl is a toddler now)

Figure out what you want to get an Order Food, proceed to give daughter treats and toys while waiting for food to arrive at our table.

Receive food

Great everything looks delicious. I immediately take 3 fries and break them in half to start cooling down for Elayna to eat.

Realize food isn’t cooked properly. I ordered a medium well steak and I definitely received medium rare, like very rare. I was sharing with Elayna so that just wouldn’t do.

Send Food Back ever so politely even though they’re the ones who screwed up.

Wait 10 minutes for a manager to come out and ask if I’d like my steak to be put back on the grill or if I’d like the whole steak remade.

Send the manager off with an answer. (I didn’t have time to wait for a whole new steak to be cooked so I said just throw it back on. Should have taken a couple more minutes and been back out to my table but nope…

This manager seemed clueless but I mean he also looked younger than my sister so he maybe shouldn’t have even been a manager…


Wait 15 more minutes

Yup, I waited 15 more minutes before my plate was brought back out.

I Watched my Husband and Father in Law finish their food while my daughter wants her French fries on my plate that they still all have in the back. They could have at least brought my plate back out son could pick away at the rest of my food. I was so HANGRY.

Both my Husband and my Father in Law had finished their entire meals before my plate had even come back to the table.

Chef Ramsey would be pissssssedd. I mean he probably wouldn’t be caught dead in your local Kelsey’s restaurant but this service is less than acceptable by any means.

I had the same stupid manager bring me my order finally and I had my Husband ask the manager for my meal to be removed from the bill for our trouble, explaining how they have now ruined a birthday dinner and left a child hungry. None of us really even cared about me not eating my kid was hungry!!!!

Thank God I brought treats and some food pouches as back up but they were more for if she was uninterested or her teeth hurt too much for chewing solid food not for if the restaurant was unreliable.

Make sure you try to keep your patience when receiving the most dumbfounded careless answers a manager could give.

Then try to press your luck and demand the whole order be taken care of for this nonsense.

Get super lucky and get the whole order covered.

Yup, I mean they really didn’t have a choice not one thing went well or smoothly throughout our entire visit. With some authority and sternness in his voice, my Husband asked for the whole bill to be taken care of, received a yes and we sent the manager away so I could eat a couple of bites in peace.

I ate a couple of bites enough to tie me over and I packed up the food and my girl and we walked right out of that place never to return.

We headed to Grandmas for some happiness and to pick up some presents.

So I mean I guess this isn’t really a list of tips more than it is just me venting and warning you not to go to this location. And I mean, in all honesty, besides the shitty food and very very poor service it turned out to be a great day. Now if only the food tasted good then it would have been really worth it but hey, good thing we didn’t pay for it lol. I will never go back to this location and considering the food was not great at all we think we might just try a whole new restaurant altogether.

What is your favourite Canadian restaurant to go to?

Thanks for stopping by everyone. Have a great week.


12 thoughts on “How to receive a $100 Meal for Free

    • CoffeeMamma

      Right! My Hubby at first was going to ask for just my meal taken off the bill but then realized that he and his father didn’t enjoy their dinner either and got away with the whole bill. What can I say, my Man has a way with words! Thanks for commenting!


    • CoffeeMamma

      It was terrible but at the end of the day we have a great story to tell, I got a blog post out of it and we didn’t waste any money on food we didn’t enjoy. I’ve heard of red robin but not the second place. I don’t think either of them is in Canada. Thanks for stopping by have a great weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

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