Happy Easter Long Weekend

Hello everyone and Happy Easter Long Weekend! Today’s brew is a super sweet one can you guess why?Because the Easter Bunny is stopping by with lots of love and little treats for little feets ❤😍

While this isn’t the post I had been working on this past week for you all I thought it would be nice to take a little break from said post I was working on and share some Easter Happiness. Easter is very important to me and I know it is to many people around the world as well. I really enjoyed my quick little post on Easter Florals and a lot of you guys did too.

So I decided to share what I found cute and Inspiring when typing Easter into Pinterest. That will be pretty much all today’s post is! Easter is something celebrated in many different religions and cultures all over the world and is probably one of the most important Catholic Holidays. (Can’t remember for sure as it been a while since I have been in touch with my very Catholic self)

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While writing this post and thinking about the importance of this holiday I now question myself if it’s safe to say its almost like the “Catholics Thanksgiving.” In the sense that this holiday we are to be full of thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation for those around us and the sacrifices that have been made for us so we can be whole.

Christ has Died, Christ has Risen, Christ will Come Again.

Have a safe and happy Easter weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Please remember these photos are from Pinterest I do not own them. Read to the end for a surprise!3dfb23be1bdb301b7889b9559d8271661490031129758564673.jpg1f7886ce63dcdcdab3c96176fd12e1c05250314353624757344.jpg96bbfd59a377808a503e9398a53d834d2426065471762046613.jpg

When I was younger in elementary school my favourite French teacher was of a Ukranian Decent she love us kids as much as we loved her and always went above and beyond for us. During lent, leading up to Easter on your lunch break you were able to go to her classroom the whole lunch break, eat your lunch and then work on decorating eggs the traditional Ukrainian way.

Now, of course, our teacher did the harder parts and she made sure she altered the craft so it was safe for us kids. I remember really enjoying it though and so k decided to share a couple of Ukranian Easter eggs I found on Pinterest and thought were really pretty.

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