Goal Updates, Surprise, Announcement

Hi everyone and thank you all for being here today. Today’s post is very hard to write and also very special to me. I’m doing my first ever update on a goals post and I’m so thankful you stopped by to take part in it.

How’s your week been going so far?

My week has been quite interesting at that. Like really crazy to be honest. Recently I’ve been to three different Hospitals in the span of two days and I’ve seen my family doctor and specialist as well. We seriously have no idea what’s going on but its a little bit of insight as to where I’ve been and why I have been MIA again!

One of the hardest parts about going through all of this right now is that I’m basically going through this alone. My parents have been the biggest help with not only my own health but helping me take care of my 15-month-old daughter in the meantime. Throughout this, I have learned that It’s super hard to nurse while barfing, while also being up over 24 hours (barfing off and on throughout) but, hey I’m getting through it. My Daughter had tons of fun while I chased her around with an IV pole hooked up to my arm.

This leads to the announcement part I guess, it will help make some of my newly found goals more understandable without having to go too in-depth as to why I have chosen them.

I’ve decided to move back into my moms where it is the healthiest environment for myself and my daughter.

Now let’s see about those goals I’ve been talking ’bout

You may have read my posts earlier in the year of what I had hoped to accomplish during 2019. I created a post specifically for Beauty Goals, one for Blogging goals and one for General & Family goals. I have recently achieved many of these goals so I decided it would be a good time to share with you my accomplishments, changes to our plans and reflect on how I feel about it all.


The first accomplishment I’d like to share is from my Blogging Goals blog post. It was my goal to reach 3000 Views & 150 Followers on WordPress by the end of 2019. I am so grateful and thankful to all of you who contributed to that. Without you, that goal would have never been met. I’m so proud of myself that this goal has been achieved and in less than half a year. I’m currently sitting just over 4000 views and I have over 250 followers.

I just wanted to wait until I at least hit 3000 views before doing an update post. you may be thinking woah! you’re way over 3000 views now? why haven’t you posted this sooner? and I’ll be honest with you I have been meaning to get this post out since Easter Weekend I just had too much going on though and I am so sorry to everyone that misses me on here. Once things settle down I will develop a lovely routine for my Daughter and Me I will be a lot more active and social again, but for now, it’s unpacking, repacking and mommy things all day every day!


Seeing that I have achieved this goal in such little time I have decided to revise this goal and set new amounts for this particular goal to achieve. For my views I have decided to double my original goal so that means by the end of 2019 I hope to have 6000 views and for followers, since I am already so close to 300 I thought I would really challenge myself and aim for 400 followers. I have so much love, faith, and trust in my viewers and my content that I feel this is a very attainable goal for myself even with all the hecticness that’s recently been added to my life.

I will admit I haven’t focused at all on my goal of getting my blog indexed by Google. I have had so many other things going on like being hospitalized more than once within the last couple months and being diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. For now, in my spare time when I’m not busy being a mommy (so for like 2 hours out of the day) I have been focussing on self-care which for me currently consists of a wide range of things like blogging when I can, of course, catching up on sleep, being active and social again in my community as well as spending time watching my favorite tv shows as well for downtime.


I am taking it easy and trying to focus on the important things whilst not stressing myself out too much. I did do a guest post and I hosted a guest post as well which was one of the goals I had been really excited for and it was so much fun! But I haven’t focussed too much more on this goal either. That’s because like I mentioned earlier I’ve moved back into my parent’s house and have a lot of sorting organizing unpacking and repacking to accomplish. It just gets in the way.

We use to live with roommates who are just not sane so shortly after moving in and realizing things wouldn’t work out we never made it a priority to unpack anything more than the basics. We were going to get our own nice little apartment but when my health took a turn for the worse and it was made very clear to me who I could truly rely on I had to take matters into my own hands and change plans to accommodate what would be best for my Daughter and Me.

Calling All Women Bloggers!

I’m looking to start hosting some guest posts in the future. If you’re interested in working with me please join the Group I have started so we can start chatting about it.

I have been focussing my time more on trying to network with other bloggers and grow my Twitter and Instagram following. Another thing I have started taking my time doing is updating older posts (so far I’ve only updated my Welcome post hahaha) and transferring generic posts over from my old website like my Micellar Water Review and my Self Esteem Boost in a Bottle. I’ve noticed that this has been a nice way to still feel productive even when I’m feeling low and lacking time and energy.

I have also started focusing my time on engaging more in the blogging community by using Twitter threads, commenting in groups and tweeting with my followers more. Something I really enjoy doing is going through the reader and liking everyone’s posts’. Yes, I do that myself not bots needed. I thoroughly enjoy seeing what everyone’s been posting about and I save the posts id like to go back and read and possibly leave comments on. I even save some topics I think close family and friends would find interesting.

My little sister gets a lot of random text messages with links to everyone’s articles. Since I have started doing this, in particular, I have seen so much growth. I have been having so much fun doing so and learning about all of you out there that find enjoyment in my website. There are literally people from all over the world that come and view my content which absolutely amazes me and I love that WordPress shows you these statistics. It’s a thrill knowing I reach people across the world.

People from all walks of life visit my website and enjoy my content and to me, that’s really something. Because of everything I have had going on and will have to go on in the future this year I am not going to set any goals that are way too out there. I feel like that would only stress me out more and to be honest this is my zen zone so if I stress myself out here what good am I doing myself?

Calling All Women Bloggers!

I’m looking to start hosting some guest posts in the near future. If you’re interested in working with me please join the Group I have started so we can start chatting about it.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, another post I made earlier this year to hold myself accountable to is in need of some major TLC and updating. Here’s what’s been happening with my Family Goals and Resolutions Post.


I’m no longer worrying about getting settled in our new home because as I mentioned I’ve moved again. I unpacked the necessary things like clothes shoes and toiletries but I hadn’t worried much more about the rest. We were managing just fine with what we had out and it just means less stress and packing to do while transferring all of mine and my daughter’s things over to my mother’s house.

Now that my daughter and I have moved, the new goal will be unpacking all of our things, repacking what doesn’t need to stay out, making lists of what we have, what we need, and what can go to donations! I’m also super excited about this. The thought of cleaning and purging all of our unnecessary items is giving me butterflies.

I have a thing for making lists hahahahaha.

I haven’t found many crafts that are age appropriate yet. I mean there’s been tons of things I’d love to do with Elayna but right now she’s heavy into putting anything and everything in her mouth. #Teething I also haven’t done any scrapbooking either but who’s even thinking of that right now. That stuff is packed up somewhere anyway.

One thing that obviously did happen was my Daughter turning a year old in which I decided to share a very personal story about my Labour Experience. Two weeks after her first birthday I realized I could no longer call her my newborn/baby/infant. She had officially graduated to the toddler stage. That was definitely a mommy moment of mixed emotions. Then I recently had my girlfriend Emma over (she is an ECE) and she assured me that until 18 months she is still my little baby!!!

I’m pretty sure that’s all I held myself accountable to this year in terms of goals for my family and since it’s not worked out the way I planned (which is okay because not everything works out as planned) I might as well set some new goals for my Daughter and me too.

Like I mentioned earlier we decided to move back into my parents which in turn relieved the immense amount in-home stress I had. I also don’t need to spend as much on takeout now that I’m back to feeding just myself really. I obviously share with Elayna but she doesn’t eat that much ad when it comes to takeout unless I’m choosing a healthier option I offer her a Gerber TV dinner.

I mean so I don’t bring home Jimmy the Greek eight times a month, that’s alright! It’s actually a good thing! Spending money on take-out is super wasteful and we did a lot of it. This just means I get to cook more which is great in so many ways! I have been wanting to expand my menu of what I’m able to cook for quite some time now. We get to try new recipes and expand our palettes while cooking in my mom’s newly redone kitchen. It’s gorgeous. My dad renovated it and it’s a dream that’s for sure.


Found on Pinterest

My main current goal is to focus on my health mentally and physically for now while doing the best I can to raise my daughter as a Single Mother. There are so many things I would like to do with her while figuring my health out so taking it day by day is crucial. I’ve lost 35 pounds in a span of two episodes. Nothing even fits anymore and quite frankly if it weren’t for my parents, sister and sisters boyfriend I would have been completely alone with my daughter through all of this.


So, New Family Goals:

  • Unpack & Settle in
  • Draft a Master list of literally everything
  • Set up Command Center for Elayna and Me once my sister goes to University and we take over the top floor! (Mommy gets her old room back!!!)

Damn those are some fineeeee ass goals right there.

I’m excited about all of this but I am so excited to set up our command center. I have been wanting to put a command center together for four years now and I will finally be making this happen. Let the crafting beginning!!! (Laughs Evily) (hahaha and I wonder where Elayna gets it from…)


So now that I have been pretty simple and straight forward with what’s been going on in my life, my newly found family goals and blogging goals I would now like to update you all on what’s been going on with my beauty goals. Plus a surprise I didn’t know I’d find!!!! Say what?!?!?

I know we all like the good stuff first so I won’t keep you waiting.

The surprise is that I found a New Brow Girl I’m pretty sure. You see I had this amazing brow girl. She was one of three people I let touch my brows. There is Sue the amazing woman who taught me how to wax brows. Yes yes, that’s something I’m trained to do, Sue is the best at doing them and she taught me so much more than just brows. I am forever grateful to have had her as a role model and influence in my life and beauty career.

Then there was Eva, she didn’t teach me how to do brows but she taught me so many more wonderful skills involving cosmetology and life in general. She’s a very smart woman and another lovely lady I’m proud to have worked with. Somewhere along the lines, I lost contact with the two of them for a while and then I met Sarah. She was amazing and her personality really clicked with mine.

My little sister had developed an interest in getting her brows done by the time I had started going to Sarah so I started taking my sister there too. After going to Sarah for upwards of 5 years she got herself a different job and a totally new line of business. Needless to say for the past year I have been trying out new brow girls and being left very unsatisfied until recently.

Calling All Women Bloggers!

I’m looking to start hosting some guest posts. If you’re interested in working with me please join the Group I have started so we can start chatting about it.

I went to the New Girl they hired to replace Sarah. I believe her name was Shea. There was one big thing she did wrong so I won’t be going back to her. I did consider it but when my sister went to her for her Prom eyebrows and she made the same exact mistake with my sister’s brows as she did mine I decided that it was meant to be with the new Threading girl I found. Now, I have waxed my eyebrows for many years now so I have built up a tolerance to the pain as well as loving the speed.

However, I have been seriously considering threading to see if it would make a change to the acne I get ALWAYS after waxing my brows. (I’m 99.9% sure this is from the newly exposed skin ) So far I have had them threaded twice now (once back when it first came out as a thing and I was working in a salon with this guy named Danny.)

I have officially decided to make the switch. My brows look naturally perfect to me and the lady was soooo nice. Not to mention the pain isn’t that bad and ill quickly build my tolerance up.

But, let’s go back

Back to the beginning

Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned

Just kidding. But if you caught that reference good on yea mate, if not then you might be a little too young for some of the content that is shared on this website.

Now, where were we?

Ahh yes


So one of my resolutions has been to start moisturizing more. And I am so terrible. I started for a bit but then when I started getting really sick again I kind of wasn’t making that a priority. Thankfully I have just recently started staying faithful to this goal again.

One thing I have stayed faithful to this entire time has been showering at least twice a week. With all the puking I have been doing lately showering is definitely a must. Sometimes I now find my inner self saying “relax on the showers you’ve taken 3 in a row give it a day let your skin be skin” especially with the hard water in our previous residence. It was definitely drying the heck out of my skin and hair.

I have also started brushing my teeth more again (except for the last little bit when my puking fits started again.) I have been puking so much off and on throughout the day that I feel like brushing my teeth does more harm opening my teeth up to more damage from the acid in my vomit. TMI? #sorrynotsorry #crohnsdisease I stick to brushing right before bed so that my mouth has the most amount of time to settle before acid strikes.

The vomiting has also affected another beauty goal I had which was to start wearing makeup at least once a week. I don’t ever have to worry because looking at my daughter I know just how beautiful I really am and I really don’t need makeup at all. I’ve actually been told I look better now as a mom than I ever had before.

However, I have started wearing it a little bit more like if I’m going out for an occasion. Then I come home and take my makeup off with the absolute best products ever!!!!! Since moving back into my moms Elayna has started becoming a lot less dependant on Mommy and gaining more trust in herself and her surroundings so I actually have 10 minutes to myself to make this goal happen.


With my new favorite items for taking off my makeup, I have been able to take my makeup off every single time I wear it I have been using my Norwex Finger Tips and they make taking my makeup off such a breeze. I can trust that all my makeup is off and my skin is clean without even looking in the mirror.


Another thing I have been doing great with (I think) is my hydration. For a little while when my water bottle broke it went down a bit but once I found a new water bottle to carry around I started feeling more hydrated again. I had also been taking it easy while starting my new pills and I did well on them until I got severely ill, and went through withdrawal from them. That’s when I came to the realization it was my surroundings negatively impacting my physical and mental health.

Since I have taken my rose colored glasses off and seen things for how they really were life has gotten a lot less stressful and easier on me. I can definitely see an improvement in my mood and even my appetite. I still have not put myself back on medication which feels great. Speaking of food though, I haven’t brought back a food journal yet either. I keep saying to myself I will but I just never get around to it. Now that I’ve moved I feel like this goal will be achieved, I feel the possibilities are endless and I can achieve anything and everything I set my mind to.

So now that you know where I am with my previous goals I guess I’ll share now where I’d like to be.

I think it’s crucial that I keep my goal of hydration for both my moisturizing needs and my water drinking! but more importantly, because I have been in and out of the hospital since Easter weekend. One of the suckiest feelings is halfway through a nursing session feeling so dehydrated and thirsty!!!

I also truly believe that hydration for your body starts within your body. I keep my water bottle with me at all times! Unless it’s broken. Elayna has been really good in the mornings for breakfast and I’m usually done eating about 20 minutes before she is so it’s a perfect little chunk of time to slap a nice light layer of makeup on.

Calling All Women Bloggers!

I’m looking to start hosting some guest posts in the near future. If you’re interested in working with me please join the Group I have started so we can start chatting about it.

Another thing I believe strongly about when it comes to beauty is your physical and mental health. I know I am a Beautiful Woman and Mother inside and out but when my health is low both mentally and physically that’s a recipe for disaster in my eyes. Being healthy is beautiful and so it’s my main focus to take care of my health and get back down to a comfortable weight that hopefully alleviates some of the illness issues I’ve been experiencing currently with my Crohn’s disease.

Not a lot of people know this but I have a shoulder injury from when I worked at Walmart for 3/4 years too, this has recently been acting up very badly so I think I will make it a goal to get my shoulder reassessed and see if there is anything I can do in regards to this pain. I Recently found a prescription I had been given for Physiotherapy so that will be happening. I have also had an issue with my hips ever since I gave birth and my doctor has suggested a full assessment of my alignment. I think that’s a great idea and I also feel its another thing that would aid my shoulder injury.

Like I mentioned earlier I’m really trying to take it easy for my health and set achievable goals for myself right now. I’m actually finishing this post while having another episode in the hospital.

I think doing this update post was great because it’s allowed me to take a step back and reflect on what I have accomplished and what was a little unrealistic to set, but more importantly for the goals I hadn’t achieved yet it reminded me that I had legitimate and sufficient reasons to have not achieved those goals yet. This is important to me because I’m always too hard on myself, my friends who know me best will advocate for me there.

Well, I think I’m all talked out for today and I’m sure you’ve had enough of my rambling by now. I wanna take the time to thank you all for being here today and every day. You’re all awesome and I’m grateful for all of your support. I’m so thankful I have you all to understand or at least try to understand what I’m going through. I will actually be going In for emergency scopes tomorrow! I’m planning on sharing a more in-depth post explaining what’s really been going on with me the last month or so now. So stay tuned for that. As for now, I feel like closing with a quote.

“Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.”

~Nikola Tesla

Have a great day everyone!

14 thoughts on “Goal Updates, Surprise, Announcement

  1. Sam Space

    Great post – It was so honest and real and I really love that. You just need to take care of yourself, because sometimes people need a break to restore themselves. I can definitely relate to this. Best, Sam

    Liked by 1 person

    • CoffeeMamma

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words and support. I tried to be as honest as I could be in the nicest ways possible as to not bash certain people involved out of the disappointment I have but still being honest with myself and my viewers so that I can continue to move forward in life. I miss actively blogging so much but I have just been way way too busy these days. But k am positive I will still achieve my goals by the end of this year. I’ll always be real and honest with everyone, everywhere that can be counted on. Have a great rest of your week love 😘


  2. Anne Copeland

    I love your youthful spirit and goals that are actually attainable. It is the pits to get something like Crohn’s disease, but I think you are doing a fantastic job of dealing with it while still doing things to improve and maintain the quality of your life. You sound like a very sensible and yet fun lady and that is great too. I admire you in your goal to be a good single mom. I know you will be totally successful in doing the things that are important to you. Crohn’s takes a lot out of you so give yourself a chance to heal up some and then you can do a lot more. Wishing you the best life has to offer today, tomorrow and always, Anne

    Liked by 1 person

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