Handle Your Stress: Self-Care for New Moms

What is self-care?

Self-care in the most simple of terms is the practice of taking care of your self in order to preserve or improve your health. This includes both mental, physical and emotional.

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Why do Mom’s need it?

Well first off, why does anyone need it? Why should being a Mother negate the fact that you need self-care? Mom’s need it because we deserve it. We are the foundations of most traditional households so if mom can’t keep it together who can?

Who does it benefit?

You are probably thinking self-care only. benefits one’s self but it affects everyone around you as well. When you take care of yourself you’re happier and healthier. (That’s the goal, right?) You treat people in a happier and nicer manner. So, when mom takes care of herself she is better at being a happy joyful Mother.

Types of self-care:

Mental or Psychological

I feel like this is one of the more neglected forms of self-care so that’s why I chose to bring it up first. It’s like, Sometimes you just get mentally exhausted, overwhelmed, you just have too much to handle and not enough energy. Sometimes it’s great to just mentally unplug and indulge in something that gets your brain going and takes your mind off of the hecticness.


Physical self-care is about being mindful and considerate towards your body. It means making healthy food choices to nourish and quench your bodies needs. Don’t forget the exercise too!


Emotional self-care involves being mindful of your emotions, understanding them and honouring how you feel.


We feel a sense of Nurturing from the Higher Power we seek a connection with. Sometimes when life gets busy we don’t pay enough attention to that connection and relationship with God leaving us with questions and affection our emotional health and potentially our overall well being.


This relates to your work but it plays a big part in all of your relationships through the life /work balance. Sometimes you really need to unplug from reality and jump in deep to what you’re working on, or maybe it’s a break you need. None the less, self-care involves the workplace too.


Enriching your life with culture and adventure stimulates your mind and soul. Coming out of your comfort zone can sometimes make you feel alive again.


This means connecting with others, social involvement, even chatting on the phone with an old friend. Catching up with an old friend over coffee. You won’t believe how therapeutic catching up with an old friend can be.

So, now that I’ve told you a quick little bit about what Self Care is, you’re probably thinking a list of ideas to go with this newly found knowledge might be perfect right about now.

Well, it’s a great thing I’m such a Fantastic person because it’s coming right up.

Ideas for Self-Care

Alone Time.

Sometimes being alone is the most cleansing thing.

Coffee Time/Teatime.

But like really enjoy your coffee, take time to cherish it even if it’s 5 minutes.

Tv time.

Catch up on some old shows, start some new ones, what’s your fancy? Currently, I just finished watching Greys Anatomy, now I’m all caught up to where I was when I watched it 4 years ago and am in the middle of season 9. I have a tv in the view from my rocking chair so I watch Netflix while putting Elayna to sleep! Needless to say, I get 3 times a day of self-care and snuggles.

Sleep Time.

Crucial for anyone but especially for mom. Think about it… When you’re tired it’s hard to get yourself to function. Imagine being tired, having to function and having to keep your family functioning while at it.

Hobby time.

Whatever your hobby is it is important that you make time for it. This helps you keep in touch with the you that you were before becoming a mother. It reminds you-you’re still a woman who enjoys doing whatever it is you like to do.

Friend Time.

Time spent with friends is very important even if you take the baby with you its crucial for your sanity. Sometimes when you’re a new parent life can become all about the baby which is totally understandable but next thing you know the last 3 people you had actual conversations with “out loud” will be your spouse, your child and well, yourself. Go see the girlfriends!

Develop a Routine.

Having at least somewhat of a routine is a great way to keep your sanity. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed simply because you have so much going on and not enough energy for your brain to keep up with. Let a calendar take some of the stress out of life.

Make a worksheet.

An option similar to developing a routine, its more about having a little help being mindful. As a mom, you don’t have time to keep track of all the things that need to be done let alone keep track If you have done them. Make a list of all the things you need to on a daily basis and stylize a worksheet to your appeal.

Hint: Make sure you include a food and drink section. It will help you keep track of how much you have been drinking and go healthy you have been eating.

Keep a Journal.

You can design a worksheet directly in your journal or simply use it for reflection and doodles. No matter which way you see fit to use a journal I’m sure it will benefit your mental health.

Keep a Self-Care Basket.

So the idea I’m thinking behind this is a basket with your top 10 items you turn to for mental health. Keep it in a place you commonly spend a lot of time in. This could mean a blanket, your favourite book and favourite tea, or if a spa day is more your forte perhaps a skincare routine set as well as a cooling mask, and some bath stuff!

Read Self-Care quotes for Encouragement.

There are tons all over Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest you just need to look in the right places.

Get Dolled Up.

As a new mom, we never ever have time to get all dolled up anymore. I use to wear makeup on Such a regular basis that I don’t even feel like myself anymore without it. Putting some makeup on and doing my hair use to be a big part of who I was, and when you become a new mom and don’t have time for yourself anymore. You lose that part of you. You forget that underneath it all you’re a woman too.

Make a Healthy Snack.

Sometimes your body just needs some good loving and I don’t mean with junk food I mean with food rich in vitamins and minerals, foods that nourish your soul not just fill your tummy for a small window of time. Healthy food is a delicious treat 👌

Make an Unhealthy Snack.

Because sometimes you need to unwind and “pig out” maybe Netflix & Chocolate & Popcorn?

Learn Something New.

It’s never to have to learn new things. There are plenty of apps and websites that offer free courses on practically everything. Indulge your brain!

Go for a Walk Maybe by Yourself.

Sometimes the please and quiet with Nature helps cleanse your mind and soul. Whether you can go by yourself or have to take the lines with you this is for sure a great way to spend a cool day.


Your body has been through so much and if you’re a new mom your body is probably still going through the healing process. I myself have experienced issues with my hips since giving birth. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, burn off that baby weight and boost your confidence.

Do Something Creative.

Get in touch with your new self and do something creative and fun. Maybe check out a painting class or start crafting or gardening or create a blog! Do whatever makes you feel creative.

Fun Fact: I express my creativity through Hair, Makeup and My Website.

Did you know: that being Crafting and being creative has a positive impact on your stress.

Mommy Group.

One of the most important things I can suggest is finding yourself a nice mommy group. I’m not talking about one of these Facebook ones either. I’m talking about one where you physically have to leave your house and go interact face to face with other women and children. That interaction with other women and children who aren’t members of your immediate household and close family is so important. I can not begin to describe how important it is for your sanity, your peace at mind, your everything as a woman. I’ll be honest I didn’t feel strongly towards prenatal classes but a mommy group is paramount.


Digestive issues? Sleeping Problems? Even when you need Emotional Uplifting you can always turn to aromatherapy. I’m only beginning to learn about all of it so I will be honest I don’t know as much as I’d like but I do know the benefits are plentiful. There are so many ways you can incorporate aromatherapy into your life without even realizing it.

Currently, my latest trick is using a Sleep blend during my daughter’s playtime before Naps and Bed. I find that it’s been helping her go down a bit easier and it’s even making me a bit more tired than normal.

Schedule a Friend Date once a Month.

So this has the same level of importance as a baby group. Make sure you’re seeing a friend on a somewhat regular basis. It doesn’t have to be the same friend but you need that social interaction.

Take an Hour to Yourself in the Bathroom.

We’re lucky if we get 5 minutes alone in there these days let alone an hour. Schedule yourself an hour as needed whether you choose every week or every month the choice is yours and it goes with whatever you feel is best.

Paint Your Nails.

This is a way to pamper yourself and be creative all at the same time!

Book an Appointment at the Salon.

Ask someone to watch the baby for a couple hours, go to the salon, get your hair freshened up and I promise you that you’ll feel a million bucks better.

There are so many other ways that you can practice self-care and I’m sure I will do some follow up posts in the future.as, for now, this is as many different ways I could think of. Remember think outside the box and think about what really makes you happy. Something that makes you happy might be something I have no idea about so I obviously it wouldn’t be on my list here. Remember taking care of yourself is one of the most important things as a mom because you need to be well enough to take care of your family.

Like the Nyquil and Dayquil commercials advertise, there are no sick days for Moms!

Thank you all for visiting my post. I’m so thankful you took the time out of your day to support my goals and visions. I hope I reminded you just how important it is to invest in yourself and your well being. I also hope I inspired you to try a new form of self-care.

How do you practice Self-Care?

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