10 Positive Affirmations to go by 2019

Hello everyone. I have officially started my new medication and things have been well, interesting.

I’ve noticed that the new medication definitely affects the way I think and my feel. It got me thinking I should create a post sharing some affirmations I would like to go buy for the next year and if I inspire someone while I’m at it then great!

I think everyone needs a little positive in their life. I wanted to start by making some slight changes on my own and I hope it will reflect onto others. We all need some words of encouragement sometimes and sometimes your the only one who can pick yourself up, that’s when you need a little extra help and inspiration. Affirmations I’ve found in the past help a lot. Here is my short list of what I’m choosing to go by this year! ❀

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I am Loved

I am loved, loved by many and I have tons of family and friends surrounding me. Because I am loved, I am not alone.

I am Beautiful

Yup, you heard right, I am beautiful. I am a beautiful person from the inside out, my body has created and nurtured life for the last 2+ years now. That is beautiful.

I am Kind

I have a big genuine heart and I am a kind person. Because of this, I deserve to be happy.

I am Strong

Considering everything I have been through you’re damn right I am.

I am Smart

You could say that, I’ve been to Mohawk College for a couple different programs and excelled in each of them! On top of that I’m just smart to begin with.

I Was Not Made To Give Up

If I were my body would have completely given up by now, but look at me, still here, alive and fighting.

I am Enough

Which is a nice feeling? Feeling enough for someone is such a peaceful feeling.

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I am Determined

Even when I’m trying to sleep my brain is flooded with thoughts and ideas that I just want to put into motion that second.

Then I remember its 2 am and I’m in bed and should sleep because my Daughter will wake me up shortly.

I am Amazing

I am Important

Thank you so much for stopping by I hope this affirmation list helps you lead a happier more positive lifestyle. Today’s post isn’t much but I just wanted to make sure I’m still checking in and sharing with everyone here and there throughout my recovery.

Until next time everyone 😘🌹🍷

17 thoughts on “10 Positive Affirmations to go by 2019

  1. jessierenea

    Beautiful affirmations!! β™₯️ great positive inspiring post! Thanks for sharing πŸ₯° when you get a chance, I’d love for you to drop by and check out my latest!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christina Ward

    I think we all need a whole LOT of positive in our lives. I would NEVER put up with someone talking to me saying some of the things I say to myself. So, I need to get together my own list (and memorize it.) Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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