The Ultimate Must-Have Guide for Surviving Campus Life

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your new year.

I want to start off by saying this post has been inspired by my Darling little Sister who is going to University next year. I am so so sadddd to be so far apart from her for so long too but I know she will do she will do amazing.

As all of the students who have already applied have been eagerly awaiting their acceptance letters I thought I would give you all a post to keep your mind off waiting but get you prepared a little as well.

Let’s get started!


It’s no secret that College and University students drink a lot of coffee. It’s ideal to have the ability to brew in the comfort of their own room for speed, ease, and saving money.

Thermal Mugs & To Go Cups.

To go with the coffee maker ūüĎĆ

Weekender Bag/Duffle Bag

Okay, so this one comes in handy when you have more than one thing to do after your classes.

Let’s say you have to bring books for all of your courses. You’re in school all day so you bring a little lunch bag and there you have it a regular old backpack would be full already.

With a weekender bag, you have the ability to pack a little more like lets the extras you need for after school when you go to Susans to finish that assignment.

Oh, and you already know you two will be up super late working on it so might as well stay the night and pack some jammies and clean clothes, toiletries and stuff for the next day.

Why not? it should all fit fancy weekender bag ūüėČ

Fuzzy Blanket

For those nights you secretly feel homesick but you’re trying to not let it show and feel the wrath of your friends poking fun at you.

Pro Tip: Bring a scent that makes you feel comfortable or reminds you of home like a bottle of your mom’s perfume or, the air freshener your parents use. Spritz the blanket with it every now and again it’ll smell just like home.

Bed Rest Pillows for Comfort Sitting in Bed

So a bunch of really good pillows will do the trick but so you don’t have to readjust the pillows every 20 minutes I’d suggest investing in something like this. It’s great to have around and usually about 30 bucks. I’ve had one for 8 years now. Got it in high school, used it throughout college and now I’m done all that and a mom and still to this day I find myself using this all the time.

Custom First Aid Kit

Everyone has different needs. Whether yours be Midol, Benadryl, Hydrasense or Tylenol 1’s it’s a super idea to bring a fully stocked first aid kit to last you 2+ months.

Moveable Storage

Easy to move, but super convenient. I have quite of few of these things myself. I use them for anything and everything. They come in so many shapes sizes colours and styles. I don’t know what I’d do without them so I can assure you you’ll want a couple of them.

Tupperware and Plastic Utensils

Cause lets face it you’re always going to be on the go and you need to eat. If you’re interested in a great brand for Tupperware send me a message with the subject Tupperware.

Disinfecting Wipes

You could always use these whenever, wherever, because of GERMS.

Reusable Bags

You will use them for literally everything. Make sure they’re nice and durable oh and cute!!!

Blackout Curtains

To help you catch every last bit of sleep you can.

Oatmeal & Ramen

Ear Plugs

For when your roommate is being annoying and inconsiderate.

Water Filter

Clean & Fresh water is a must.

Tool Kit

Something small and basic is all you need!

HDMI Cable

Okay, well maybe a couple of assorted lengths too…

Washi Tape

Floor Lamp

Shower Caddy

Getting one of these with a handle is super smart. You can keep it stocked and loaded ready to go whenever you need to shower. Handles make it all that much easier.


Flip Flops for the Shower

You’re most likely going to share a shower with other people so to help keep your yourself clean and free of foot issues I suggest in a couple cheap pairs.

Personal Care Products

Lotions, Perfumes, Nail Polishes, Make up, whatever you fancy make sure you have a bit to last. You might not be able to get out and do some shopping as soon as you think.

It’s a really big change in workload and practically everything else is about to change with it. You have to brace yourself, give yourself time to adjust and be prepared.

Foam Mattress Topper

You may not find the Dorm bed comfy and that might disturb your sleep patterns more than they already will be. A foam mattress topper might help make things a lot more comfortable and “homie.”


For the lighter days.


One of the most crucial things next to eating, breathing and hydrating. Make sure you have a planner. PLANNER PLANNER PLANNER!!!!!! I can not stress this anymore. I still to this day use a planner.

And honestly, it sounds dorky but goes out and buy one. Don’t just use the calendar on your phone. Let’s face it. Electronics aren’t all they use to be. Sure we have advanced but we have seriously slacked in many areas.

You never know when something will just Glitch & Screw you over. Next thing you know your entire Essay is gone and its due in 2 hours or, your whole calendar suddenly loses all its information.

Desk Organizer

How do you set up your desk so you’re comfortable and productive?

Water Bottle

This is really important. You need to stay hydrated. I suggest a Contigo water bottle. They are durable easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes. Best of all they are stylish and don’t have a bad aftertaste when drinking from them.

Well, there you have it, folks. Over 30 items that you definitely want to make sure you have when preparing to live on Campus. Treat these items well as some items might end up with you for a while longer.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you all enjoyed this post and are having a wonderful start to the New Year.

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Must-Have Guide for Surviving Campus Life

  1. Pacemak…ôr Blog

    Great list! The planner is a must for sure and nothing like bed rest pillows to be on the bed working on your laptop. Maybe add a lap desk? I have one an is a life saver.

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