Maternity Photoshoot

So, almost every Mother to be has a dream of a maternity photo shoot.

I was lucky enough to have mine done by a very good friend. It was a wonderful day and leads to some great little stories.

The timing of my photo shoot was perfect. It was the day after I lost my mucous plug the night before, then the day after my photoshoot I went into Labour.

I really love the bright white background, it really makes the colour of my dress pop and brightens my skin!
This background makes it looks like I’m at a little oasis.

I absolutely love everything about this photo. I love the ambience, I love the colours and that little stream of water is just so Natural and perfect.
Glamour shot 😘👌
Love love love this photo so much!

I really loved the idea of a close up on these. Super elegant and sweet!
She currently fits in this onesie. It’s very special to me!

It’s like I’m walking into my next journey 😍
Just me being silly!
So my photographer had the wonderful idea to toss some snow up in the air for this one. It was such a good turn out!
This one is definitely one of my facev because if you look a little closer, the title of the book is “where’s the princess” and it’s like my daughter knew it was time to come out.

Again. I’m so in love with my Maternity photos, I’m so happy I had Diane from D. Drake Photography take them. If your interested in a photographer for any reason go ahead and check out her page, she has super reasonable pricing and is a super nice, comfortable presence to work with & be around during a photo shoot. If you’d like to see more of her work you can also check out her Instagram account!

Thank you so much for checking out my Maternity photo shoot post. I had a lot of fun making it. Have a great weekend everyone. ❤

If you enjoyed this post and want to read more.about my pregnancy experience please head on over to My Labour Story.

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