Celebrities get Dressed up!!!

So, I’ve been super excited about this post for a while. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year.

Let’s talk about how great celebrity costumes are!

This year since my Daughter has been born I’ve been really focused on family things so I decided I really wanted to focus on Famous Families and thier Halloween Costumes. The best thing about it is that every time I found one I really liked and felt that there was an amazing amount of effort put into it turned out to be Neil Patrick Harris and his Family.

So that kinda makes this post more of a “Neil Patrick Harris & Family Costume Reel (+couple other families)” instead of a “Celebrity Family Halloween Costume roundup” but that’s fine because Neil Patrick Harris is Legendary and A-mazing, clearly his family is too! 😊

I’ve chosen a couple of great photos from Google.

Neil Patrick Harris and his family dressed as Alice in a wonderland for Halloween
I love love loveeee Alice in Wonderland
This is the cutest thing Everrr, they really put so much effort into this ❤😍👌

This is Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel with their Daughter dressed as trolls for Halloween. 😍 #parentingdoneright
This is Alyson Hannigan and her Family. I thought it was pretty cute 😊

Thanks, everyone for reading. ❤

Does your Family dress up for Halloween?

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