Fall Mommy Makeup Bag

Hi everyone, so this is just a little post I have been working on in my background time you know me, can’t get enough of blogging.

As a new mom, I really like to keep it simple.

Hair, Makeup – Simple

Dinner – Simple

Everything – Simple

This post? Well, I’ll be keeping it simple with this too. You see I really don’t wanna let myself down so even if I put 10 min into my blog while my daughters being nursed to sleep that’s better then nothing.

I’m going to start where pretty much everyone starts.

Liquid foundation.

For my liquid foundation, I use the Cover Girl Clean Matte. I have been using this for many years so you could say it’s a staple in my makeup bag. After two light coats, I have a good amount of coverage for the day. It’s nice and light so I use this for an every day look.

Powder foundation

For my powder foundation, I use the Cover Girl loose powder that is in the same section/line as my liquid foundation. I find it pairs really nicely for a flawless airbrushed look.

Brow palette

I’ll be honest I don’t remember what brand I got the palette from. It was from a vendor at a popular gala for beauticians in Canada.


So for my mascara, I actually do a mix of 2 different mascaras. Currently, I’m using Lash Princess from Essence for my first coat. I love the way it darkens, thickens and adds length to my lashes.

The second mascara I use is the cover girl full lash bloom. I use this after I have already used the Lash Princess because then it fans my lashes out nicely and gives them tons of volume. Sometimes I like to think mascara is more about the wand then the formula.


I like to kick it old school these days. I use the Anabelle pencil in the blackest colour. It’s never failed me before, works well and is decently priced.

That’s basically all I wear these days. Sometimes for occasions, I will pull out some eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner but most times these days I don’t have much time to focus on my appearance I just get messy anyways… I wear makeup like once or twice a month if I’m lucky! On a regular day, it’s a messy bun and lip balm!

Thank you so much for reading my quick little post. I’m so happy to be a little more active than I thought I would be this month. Packing has been going great and I have been able to give myself a couple breaks here and there. It’s been so nice. I went to a wonderful Salad in a Jar party and it was amazing I can’t wait to tell you all about it and maybe I’ll even host my own. But for now that’s it, that’s all. Thank you so much for reading my post. Don’t forget to check me out on Facebook & Like my Page!


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