Winter Fashion Wishlist

Today I would like to share a Winter Outerwear Wishlist.

I’ve never done a wishlist before so I decided to keep it short but these are the items that I would go crazy for this year. Luckily I still have coats etc that fit and are in great condition so there is no need to go spend money this year.

Before going forward I just wanted to state that this post has not been sponsored in any way at all. I simply googled these items and found what I liked.

I decided to start with Hats.

Now that I’m a mom with a very young child I could really see myself using one of these every time I went out. As you all know babies love to grab hair so I tend to sport the messy bun & high ponytail much too often. I like this hat because I can show off whatever I’m sporting that day whether it be a ponytail or messy bun I’ll look fashionable and be warm. If you click on the photo there is a link to the website I found this exact hat from.

Mittens to keep toasty warm. I like these ones because I can quickly access my fingers when needed. Most times its to send a quick text but I find myself always having issues with the mittens designed for texting.

Let’s not forget Chunky Scarves.


Photo of Black Winter Coat from 4 different angles
I really love this coat. I love the ruffled it has and the little bit of faux fur I think it is on the collar. It’s super feminine but playful and fun and powerful.


I really love these boots as well. They are great for all types of weather, even cold weather if you have room for leg warmers.

Thank you so much, everyone, for your time. I hope you enjoyed my first little wish list. I will be doing more in-depth wishlists soon I just wanted to try it out today. If you have some wishlists you’d like to share with me, please refer to the link below.

Calling All Women Bloggers!

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