Ultimate Gift-Guide for Babies

Hey guys, welcome to today’s post. I hope you’re all as excited about this post as I am.

My Daughter’s first birthday is around the corner. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I was pregnant and gave birth to her. Still can’t believe I only screamed once during labour either #SuperWoman. Now that Elayna is here Everyday is full of fun and laughter & silliness. Watching her grow and develop is one if the most beautiful and rewarding things you get to de as a parent and it happens every day! She’s the happiest & brightest little Girl I’ve ever met. I’m so blessed to be her Mother.

I just finished planning her First Birthday Party and now that I have sent out invitations I just know I’m soon to be flooded with questions like “what size clothes is she wearing/are you buying for” or “what toys do you want” and of course the age-old question “is there anything *insert child’s name here* needs?”

It’s a great idea to start thinking of answers to these questions beforehand like while you’re planning the party & sending out invitations. If you make a list before you’re done the invitations you can write a couple ideas on the back of the invite making everything trouble-free and simple.

That led me to today’s post…

I figured why not make another Gift Guide!!!!

I can share it with friends & family that are invited which saves me tons of time. I can also help all of my colleagues & you kind strangers out there that stumble upon my blog but aren’t too sure what to get that 1-year-old in your life.

Let’s get started.

Tupperware Kids Set

Tupperware people!!!!! It’s great I know!!! Tupperware has many safe and age-appropriate items from 0 months and up. Besides the fact that I let my daughter play with almost all of my Tupperware products they make items specifically for kids. Like the Shape Sorting Ball, The Picnic set and many more. If you’re interested in anything Tupperware to follow any of the links and either myself or my business partner will be glad to Assist you.

Batter Up n Bowl Sports Arena

This thing looks so awesome, for a child who has started crawling and is almost walking. The little one can crawl around and explore the toy, become familiar with it while they are still learning to walk, they could sit in front of it and probably actually use it a little bit. The great thing about this toy is it grows with your child. They will probably enjoy this until they are 3 or 4 years old.

Pop a Balls Push & Pop Bulldozer

My Hubby & I thought this would be the coolest thing for a baby who is just learning to walk and is close to becoming stable on their own. It teaches them so many different skills and its a super cool bulldozer What?!?!?

Turn & Learn Driver

This looks like a stereotypical boys toy but I think it’s great for either gender It’s not like babies know any better at this age they just like what they like. It’s simple and we should introduce babies to driving at a young age to familiarize them with it and teach them road safety. I can go on and on with benefits but then I’d be rambling.

Push Car (with a Parent)

So I personally think my daughter is old enough for this item. I can see that it clearly has straps to hold the child in so I feel this might even be safe as of 6ish months too. I feel that as long as your baby has been gaining great motor control, can hold their neck up by them self and sit up without any assistance they should be good to go. Another good guideline to go by is how well they sit in their highchair!

Ball Drop Race Track

Kids Play Tunnel

What better way to spend a rainy day then in a play tunnel. It’s also good for outdoors too. You see I’m really just trying to entice you with as many ideas I can think of off the top of my head! There are really so many things that you can do with a gift like this. It’s fun for older ages too so it will last a while.

Vtech Musical Rhymes Book

Books are something a child will grow to become familiar with through their entire childhood as well as the rest of their life. In fact, I just unpacked all of my College textbooks to brush up on my knowledge when my office is all set up & I have a spare minute. I feel like it’s always good to go over what you already know every once in a while. It jogs the memory and keeps you sharp.

Anyways, This super awesome Vtech Musical book brings the book to life for a baby at this age. It takes the aspect of a regular book and makes it more stimulating, encouraging the urge to discover a love of reading. With 6 classic nursery rhymes your babe will be sure to love they are also learning fine motor skills and so much more from this toy. It’s recommended for up to 2 years but I feel like 3 is a more realistic recommendation.

Portable Play Tent

This is a great little cozy nook the child could do anything with and its small enough to take anywhere. These are wonderful for physical development because it gets them crawling and exploring and it helps them learn and practice planning movements and coordination as they learn to go in and out of the play tent. All around a fundamental toy.

Infantino Balls Blocks & Buddies Playset

Infantino Textured Multiball Set

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

Let’s get our kids in the habit of saving their money while they’re young and still listen to us.

Alphabet blocks

They’re practically a staple in one’s childhood

Little Tikes: Tap a Tune Piano

Little Tikes: Tap a Tune Drum

Little People Music Parade Ride-On

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Playschool Popping Pals

This neat little pop-up toy teaches your little critter so many things from colours & shapes to “cause & effect play.” I think I remember having none of these too!!! Or it at least had to be something similar.

Corn Popper

Last but not least here to stimulate your memory as much as this toy stimulates babies senses I present to you the good ‘ol Corn Popper. I remember this so well from my childhood and then again from the younger yours of watching my sister grow up. With exciting popping sounds & colour, this toy helps strengthen gross motor skills while providing another “cause & effect play” learning experience.

These items are all wonderful for children around the age of 1. Some can be bought before the age of one of your looking for something for Christmas and they are let’s say 10 months. All of these toys are perfect for helping our little ones grow and develop.

Thank you all so much for reading my post of gifts for 1-year-olds. I hope it helped someone make the final decision on their gift.

What’re your favourite toys for a 1-year-old?

*update; my daughter is almost 2 this is flying by so fast*

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