Coffee Mamma’s Fall Bucket List

So because I’m so obsessed with fall I’ve decided to share my first ever Fall bucket list.

I’m super excited because now that I’m a single parent I feel free to do the things I really want to do with my daughter. The possibilities are endless and at my fingertips. There are so many things I’ve wanted to do with her and she is at the perfect age for most of the things we will be doing, Some ideas will be just for myself!

Go on a nice long Fall walk in nature! I’m going to let her explore and play with all of the things nature has to offer like leaves and twigs and rocks.

Make Apple Crisp, because it’s so amazingly delicious!

Go on a Fall Picnic. Because we’re just cute like that. My parents actually took her on a picnic during the summer and she absolutely loved it. Doing it in the fall with her will be such a nice difference because of all the seasonal changes!

Apple Picking. This is something I wanted to do sooooo badly with her last year but we will most definitely be doing it this year! She will love going to the orchard and farm! Maybe we will even pick up a pumpkin or two while we’re there! We will definitely be going on a Hayride while we’re there too!

You best believe I have already started burning all my fall scented Scentsy products! I’m loving the warmth they bring.

I’m going to check out what fall-themed events and festivals will be free in my area this fall and take her out to experience them!

I’d love to see to visit a Haunted house but that’s not really something to do with a Toddler. And let’s face it single moms never have alone time.

Now that the weather has officially started getting cooler as we transition ourselves to my old bedroom we will also be transitioning our summer clothes and switching them out for fall and winter items.

Something I’ll do by myself after the little one goes to sleep is tackled a bucket list of scary movies for Halloween.

Bake Halloween cookies! This will be so much fun as my little one will love being involved and we will loveeeee eating them too!

Hit up a Farmers Market. This will be great as all the seasonal its will bring such joy and be a nice change for my girl to experience.

Jump in a leaf pile! I think my little one will find so much joy in doing this all the sensory differences, all the freedom to gives her.

I’m praying my dad makes some homemade chilli it’s delicious and he uses up the fresh veggies from his garden!

Wear all my hoodies at least once! I mean I’ll probably have 2 or 3 that I wear endlessly but want to wear all of them at least once this year, it’s necessary for me.

Start practicing different ways of self-care including dedicating a day per week to doing so. Self Care Sunday’s sound like a great idea!

I’m not trying to make this fall too overwhelming as we already have so much going on but these are things I absolutely see us bein able to achieve this Fall season.

What is your family trying to do this Fall season?

Also if you’re a mom like me reading this post feel free to take a look at one of my recent posts and add yourself amongst my list of Nominees!

15 thoughts on “Coffee Mamma’s Fall Bucket List

  1. Life On The Patio

    I just love your sense of excitement about Fall. It’s my favorite season and you have so many great things listed to do. Have a wonderful time making memories with your daughter. My fav when my kids were little was the apple picking, hayride, apple cider and donut experience we had in Michigan and of course, the pumpkin patches.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Life On The Patio

        That’s what I did too with both of mine. We lived in Michigan and so going to the apple orchard included stopping in their store for cider and donuts too. Plus the hayride to get to the apples. Thanks for bringing up the memories. Have a wonderful time!

        Liked by 1 person

    • CoffeeMamma

      I would absolutely love to have a warm Halloween maybe not muggy but warm would be nice. I don’t remember a Halloween where I didn’t have to bundle up. Tonight I took my toddler up and down our street in the pouring rain! The perks of Canada! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a great Halloween!


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