The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the New Mom Edition

Christmas is approaching and some of you might be wondering what to get the new mother in your life.

Whether it be your Wife, your Sister, your Daughter, your Friend or even your Secret Santa from work I’m sure you’re going to have the perfect idea by the time you’re done reading my post. With the latest on trends and all of the advice coming from a new mom of an almost 10-month-old you can be sure that what I’m telling you is credible and I even explain why a new mom will like certain items too.

Before we get started I just want to mention that this is not a sponsored post. I added this part in afterwards because while editing my post I realized I drop a lot of names and brands and it sort of sounds like I’m trying to upsell a bunch of things but, I’m not & I have not been sponsored or anything and all of my opinions & suggestions are 100% honest & genuine.

Coffee mugs:

Almost every mother that loves coffee will continue to drink coffee through their pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Some will give it up it all depends on many factors but if you know that mamma is a coffee drinker you can’t go wrong with a great mug. You could go for something that has mom written all over it or you can get her something that matches her personality and taste. I recently bought myself the bottom right mug that says #momlife in a 2 for 24 deal from Coles they have so many awesome mugs there. I really love the floral one and the owl ones too!

Comfy Jammies:

Everyone loves a pair of comfy jammies. Of course, a new mom would love them too. Their so nice and cozy and they look fabulous. The right pair can really make It feel like we’re so put together when we’re probably not. 😂 Just make sure you know whether or not mom is breastfeeding or not. As a breastfeeding mother myself if I can’t breastfeed in it I’m not wearing it! No Offense but it will honestly be in the back of my closet until I’m done breastfeeding.


Cut mom some slack this Christmas. I’m sure every new mom can agree they never have time to shower anymore. Some days it really hurts the ego too. So.etimes were told we’re a little smelly or our hair isn’t very put together and there isn’t really anything we can do about it very often. Batiste is my personal fave and one of the best Dry Shampoos on the market. It’s decently priced and works the best. Every new mom will thank you for a couple of bottles of this.

Diffuser & oil set:

As a new mom myself I would really love something like this. It’s a great way to indulge, keep the home smelling nice and relax at the same time. Essential oils can also be used for so many other things like safe cleaning around babies, putting a couple drops on your skin for stress relief, the possibilities are endless really.

To learn more about Essential oils head on over to my amazing friend Martina’s Instagram where she teaches you all about the wonders that come with essential oils.

Currently, you can get an amazing 50% savings deal on the kit shown here today. The kit comes with 11 Oils, an Ultrasonic Diffuser, Ningxia Packets, and Resource Material so mom doesn’t have to look too hard for directions & recipes.

Email me or message Martina through Instagram if you have any further questions or interest.

Wine Glass:

I don’t personally drink but I know many moms that do indulge in a glass of wine here or there. There are so many cute glasses to choose from. Sometimes I feel like I’d like a wine glass just because. You can probably find me with juice in that cup hahaha…

High Waisted Yoga Pants:

Almost every mom will appreciate a pair of these. Some days we wanna be comfy and feel like we look our best.

Cozy Nursing sweater or Cardigan:

So really just any big front opening chunky cardigan or zip up sweater will do.

The thing you really want to focus on here, and I’m going to be blunt about it, just focus on how easy one would be able to get their boob out for a feeding.


Just because they’re cute & comfy 😍😂 new moms deserve to be comfy and feel cute!!!

Pro Tip: If you play your cards right and go somewhere like Ardene or Urban Planet you can probably find a sweet 2 for something deal and get slippers that match the pyjamas!


With mommy brain it gets hard to keep track of everything, I have been using so many of these notebooks lately. They are a perfect size and they are super cute. They remind me that even though I’m a mother now I’m still cute & can have cute things for myself. Mothers give literally everything away. Their energy, their time. Everything. After spending hours going goo gaga give her a reminder this year that she can still be herself too.

Stress Relief Bubble Bath:

A new mom really needs time to unwind and relax. We take care of the entire household. Stress relief bubble bath will give a new mom a much needed hour of self-indulgence in a relaxing bath while someone watches the baby.

Fuzzy Blanket:

Something to make a mom feel like an adult again? Her own fuzzy blanket I mean sure she has thousands of soft delightful baby blankets that are just as well but one her own size will surely allow mamma to curl up on the couch peacefully whenever she can get a second.

Sleep Mask:

It’s no secret that new moms never get enough sleep. Mom will truly love this gift as it will help her get every last second of shut-eye. Blocking out all the light she will truly feel pampered this holiday season.


I’ve probably said this before but, moms don’t have a lot of time to take care of themselves. With having to wash our hands consistently and the dry season approaching a bigger bottle of a really good hand lotion with a pump would be a really nice idea for a mom this Christmas. I personally would keep it beside my dish soap or bathroom soap so it’s right there to apply for when I’m done those handwashing activities. Something like Aveeno or St. Ives a would be really nourishing.


Are you interested in joining a group to promote your blog?

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Fuzzy Thermal Socks:

Yet again another thing to help keep mom cozy and warm this Christmas would have to be big fuzzy thermal socks. Last time I went shopping for these for myself the Kodiak brand was super warm soft and had nicer colours for us Gals.

Kimono Style Bathrobe:

As a new mom, I never got cold really. You spend so much time snuggling skin to skin with your baby and you share all your body heat (and when you’re like me I kept the heater at 24° due to circumstances out of my control) so you really don’t need a heavy bathrobe. Right after my daughter was born I spent the first like 3 months wearing these two bathrobes. Not the exact two in the photo but I switched between 2 bathrobes in this same style.

And they were perfect for the following reasons:

  • No heavy fabric – keeps you nice and cool
  • Half Sleeves – also helps keep you cool
  • Super comfy
  • Super feminine
  • If you look at the sale rack they go on for 10 to 20 dollars! SWEEEET!!!

Candy & Chocolate:

Because who doesn’t love a little bit goodies every once in a while. Mom needs some chocolate for sure!

Fast Food Gift Cards:

New moms don’t have a lot of time to cook and prepare meals. Make their night easier by giving them a gift card to a restaurant or fast food place. Dinner is on you! The night she decides to use it just got a little bit easier.

Charmed Aroma:

These are one of my personal favourites. For those of you that do know what charmed aroma is let me explain a bit. They are candles that come in really fancy candle holders or sometimes regular ones too which are still very nice.

Once you have burnt through a good portion of the candle you reveal a little piece of jewelry.

When I first started buying charmed aroma they were strictly rings but they have since then expanded to other items like necklaces and earnings I think too.

They are a bit pricey but the website usually has great sales. The way I look at it is that I get 3 uses out of one purchase.

An amazing long lasting scented candle, a beautiful piece of jewelry that could be worth up to $5000 dollars and once the candle is all gone you can de-wax the jar it comes in and use that for anything you’d like. I use mine for small makeup items and hair items like bobby pins and elastics and headbands for my daughter.


So there’s this thing Called pregnancy brain. I was told during my pregnancy a couple times that it doesn’t go away once your baby is born. That is most definitely true.

Your pregnancy brain turns into that thing I think I mentioned earlier “mommy’s brain” and let me tell you it’s really hard to cope with sometimes.

A medium to small sized agenda book would be a perfect gift to help mom sort our the chaos in her brain and keep track of things. There are so many things we moms have on our mind. My personal suggestion is to make sure it’s not too big and heavy. She would probably like to carry it around with her most days and she doesn’t want to lug around a 20-pound book.

Water Bottle:

A mom who cares about her health will really thank you for one of these. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of our water intake and as a mom getting dehydrated can be a serious issue. Breastfeeding mothers have to intake a bit more water too. A cute and stylish water bottle will help remind her to always drink enough water and she will feel great doing it.

Well, there you have it. This New Mamma’s Ultimate Gift Guide for the New Mamma in your life. I hope you enjoyed my post and left here with some great ideas and inspiration.

Thank you so much for stopping by. See you all next time ❤

Have a different idea? Post your gift ideas for a new mom in the comments below 😊 is love to see what you’re all thinking!

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