How To Get Comfortable While Pregnant

Hi everyone! Today is like to express some tips on how to get comfy while you’re pregnant!

Okay, so first things first you will reach a point in your pregnancy where you just can’t get comfy. You literally will not get comfy. I’m not gonna sugar coat it. But there will be a couple of things you can do to lighten your stress and become somewhat comfortable.


Honestly, you don’t need to go all out and buy one of those “amazing pregnancy pillows” really anything will do. Me personally I wasn’t in a situation where I could pay $150 for a fancy pillow. I literally used a couple of regular pillows and stuffed animals. What you wanna do is just wedge them all around your body in the spots that need support during your sleep. It saves tons of money and works just fine if not better because you have more ability to move everything and fit it around your pregnant body.

Comfy Clothing

This will depend mostly on your style preferences. For me, it was jammies and bathrobes that I was most comfortable with. But having clothes that are comfy and breathable will aid lots in being comfortable.

Benefits of Co-Sleeping

Pregnancy Cravings

Mommy Monday Quick Tip


This will depend on what’s available to you and what time of year it is. I was always cold during the winter because our crappy apartment never got proper heat and was always 16 degrees. To help with this I wore lots of layers and we had portable space heaters. During the summer I was constantly how so we had fans and an air conditioner my parents lent to me.

Comfy Slippers

They’re just amazingly cozy and help if you get really cold. I also found personally that it helped being on my feet when they were swollen.

Side Table Set Up

Set up your side table with all the necessities. A water bottle for hydration, a couple snacks for midnight cravings and then whatever medication you need to take. For me I had heartburn like crazy so I had a pack of Tums on my side table and in my kitchen at all times. Make sure some books or magazines and your remotes and charger ate there as well and whatever else you feel is necessary.

These are all the things I found very helpful during pregnancy and like the top things I used for comfort most. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope some of the things I found helpful assist you through this wonderful yet challenging part of your life! Remember to get all the sleep you can now because you won’t be sleeping much after you little one arrives.

What else have you found helpful during your pregnancy so far or back when you were pregnant?

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