How Reading Can Change Your Life

These are all wonderful reasons we should be reading books! The old school way too! The smell of an old book while you read its pages is just nostalgic!


By Namu Ju

We all know that reading is good for you. Our schools tell us, our parents tell us, and that guilty little voice in our heads tells us while we’re binge-watching the new season of whatever Netflix show we’re currently obsessed with.

But beyond the stock answer of “reading makes you smarter,” why is reading good for you? Why should we spend our time with our noses in books when there are so many other forms of content readily available? The reasons may seem obvious but take a closer look.

Keeps Your Body Calm

Whether it is work or relationship related, or anything else from this stressfully long list of stressors, stress is real, and its effects can be seriously damaging. Because stressors are unavoidable, developing ways to manage stress is vital to living a healthy and fulfilling life. The University of Sussex performed a…

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