5 Ways To Cleanse This Year

There are all wonderful things to do! Thanks so much to Rosie Culture for sharing this piece!

Rosie Culture

I don’t really believe in starting off the New Year with insane health goals. But I do believe in the excitement around a new time that can motivate you to be healthier and be a better you. I would never push for crazy diets or starting to overdo it on your work outs, but I do think we can all take a step to cleanse this year. It’s a great time to Marie Kondo your life and only hold onto things that spark joy!

  1. Go through your phone contacts
    I had a lot of people in my phone that I haven’t spoken to in over 4 years or never really spoke to in the first place. I cleaned out my contacts mostly because I have a great fear of butt dialing random people, but also because it was time to just clear out the negative people and people who don’t…

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