The Best European Destinations to Visit in 2020

These places sound amazing and look great too! They are all so unique and beautiful. After reading this post I definitely want to visit each of these places!!!


By Robin Silver

Europe has been a favourite of travellers for its unique landscapes, beautiful architecture, and delicious and diverse cuisine. But while the main stops on traditional tourist routes still have much to offer, Paris has become passe, and Tuscany is tired.

Check out these five up-and-coming regions and cities in 2020, while they are still relatively unknown to the average tourist, and enjoy the authenticity of the trip. As well as giving you future bragging rights, when someone five years from now asks if you’ve ever heard of so-and-so, and you get to say, “Oh, yes, I visited there years ago.”

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian capital offers fun and excitement for all kinds of travellers, whether you prefer to soak up the history around the Danube or dive into the party culture at one of the many ruin bars—yes, those are bars built inside formerly abandoned…

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