2019 Finale Update

Hello everyone. I can’t believe it the end of the year again. It feels like just yesterday we were starting our 2019 chapter and in the blink of an eye here we are flipping pages so quickly that we’re already moving into the year 2020.

Like everyone, or almost everyone I had set out for myself a list of resolutions or achievements I’d like to accomplish during the year. I created a couple of different posts to break them down into seemingly more acceptable and achievable goals and than when I reached a fair amount of them and my life decided to abruptly and drastically change it’s path that I was on I had shared a huge update.

Beauty Goals

Blog Goals

2019 Goals

Goal Update

You can read about my goals in the links above! I share what I first set out for and than what I’ve reached, what is no longer a goal for myself & my daughter as well as what I have been able to achieve. I make sure to set some new goals for us as well.

In today’s post, we are only going to be talking about the updated goals so to make sure you’re all up to date with what I’m talking about making sure you read the update post.

One of my goals was updated to 6000 views by the end of the year. I’m so excited to share that I’ve had a bunch of really good months and at the beginning of December when I started writing this post I had over 16,000 views. I’m astonished at how high this number is. It’s amazing and it feels great to have accomplished so much! I am so thankful to everyone for visiting and engaging with me. You’re all amazing. If you have anything you’d like to hear from me, and any post requests feel free to ask! I love all of your feedback.

I had also aimed for 400 followers which has been going great. I’m currently sitting at 501 followers and that’s not including those who follow me by email. I’m so grateful and I can not express my gratitude enough.

Networking and Engaging more in the Blogging Community. This is a goal I had because I felt like I wanted to be more engaged with everyone who visits my website and I wanted to engage more with other people in the blogging world in general whether it be by commenting on their site or by tweeting back and forth with them. This has been a less successful goal as I haven’t spent much time at all on Twitter but over WordPress, I have been very proud of my engagement.

I use to let comments sit for days, weeks even and I no longer do that. I comment back right away or as soon as I have a second to spend on my phone and I comment on quite a few posts from others throughout the week too. I’m quite proud at the small progress I’ve made with this goal.

Updating some old posts is something I’ve been doing which has been great. It’s had a great outcome and it’s nice to do when I want to post something but don’t have much time on my hands to compose something new. This goal has been going well for me and I hope to keep it up.

I haven’t been working too much more on transferring over posts from my old website. This goal of mine has kind of taken the back burner. I have a lot of other things going on in my life right now and I’m finding it challenging enough to even make time to post on a regular basis let alone making sure that I’m transferring over my post from my old.

Mind you some of the ones that I had transferred over beforehand (but we’re still in my we’re still in my drafts) those I made some attempts to finish editing, Spruce it up a little bit and share on my website and that’s actually helped with the with the lack of time that I’ve had to actually compose posts from scratch which has been nice but other than that this goal of mine has more less taking the back burner.

Unpacking and repacking so this became a goal again forrrrr I want to see maybe 3rd maybe 4th time. Well this was a tiring and time consuming taste but its been done. Soon I’m going to go through it all again to organize it much better.

Master lists so because I’ve had so much going on regularly in our day-to-day life I haven’t focussed on Master lists I’ve focussed more so on getting things done as they pop up so sticking with my daily to-do list and then making sure that I do the larger things as they come has been working out currently better for us than working off this huge master-list that at this point would probably just overwhelm me.

I still would like to do a master list come time the new year because I will be going back to college pretty soon and that’s pretty exciting but there’s there’s a couple things that I have to make sure that I do beforehand so I feel that a master list come time the New Year would be helpful in regards to that.

Cook more+ expand menu+pallettes cooking more and expanding our menu and our our food pallets has actually been a really really successful goal of mine and it’s also been really fun.

Earlier this month we had a new recipe called lemon dilly chicken and veggies and we had a side of rice with it and it was really delicious and I mean reallllllyyyyy.

Feeding my daughter is usually an interesting part of my day. She does like the silliest things with her food but its my guess that most toddlers do the same things as her. She thoroughly enjoys putting the blueberries up to her ear and in her hair before eating them and I think its just hilarious. She absolutely loves fresh fruit which she wasn’t exposed to very much in the first 14 months she was alive.

We’ve also done a lot of roast vegetables and meats and potatoes and she is just grown so much in her food pallet all together and it’s been really enjoyable for the both of us. I absolutely love cooking and trying new recipes so having my mini me to try them with me is the Cherry on top!

Set up our command center I’ve only recently started doing this just because there’s a couple of other things that I needed to get the hang of beforehand and my mom already has a Command Center in her house so I’ve been using hers to help keep things organized before making ours although I have started with making ours on our bedroom door and I’m hoping that it’s going to be really fun and that there’s going to be ways that I can let Elayna help with it as she gets older. I still think she’s too young to be able to really participate in this because she doesn’t quite know what’s going on in regards to a command centre but I’m definitely going to as she gets older have ways for her to help out with that.

I’m pretty sure these are all the goals that I have set for myself I’m pretty happy with the progress that I have made this last year especially considering everything that I’ve been through I’m really excited to share with everyone all the progress that I’ve made and I’m looking forward to creating some new goals in the new year.

Have you accomplished everything you wanted to this year?

I hope everyone has a safe fun and wild New Year’s Eve tonight!

See you all next year!!!

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