Books to Read to Your Children for Valentine’s Day

I absolutely love this post. I love the idea of it because there’s nothing more rewarding for both you and your child than spending some quality time with them. Reading books is a lovely at to be doing so and these Valentines Day themed nooks that Mom Under The Palm has shared with us are just perfect!

Mom Under the Palm

Happy February! The sun is shining in Florida again and we are excitedly looking forward to an early spring this year!

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate with the boys just so happens to be in February: Valentine’s Day!

It might not be everyone’s favorite, but for me, it’s an extra special day to be with the ones I love most, do the things we love to do together and show them how one act of love can make someone’s day.

Some of the ways I enjoy teaching them about love and kindness are through reading. There are countless books about love and what it stands for from another’s perspective. Books can help a child understand that love isn’t just a word, but that it comes in many shapes and sizes and that each and every one of us loves differently.

I scrolled through our bookshelf, digging for books…

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