Positive parenting: Ideas to help guide children’s behaviour

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Pregnancy to Parenting

baby standing in crib with mouth open trying to talk to parent. Grandparent in background.

Parents of children age birth to 6 years (or any age for that matter), will agree that parenting can be a difficult and challenging time. No matter how well you model behaviour and teach your child, no child can behave the way you want allthe time.

4 Tips to encourage positive behaviour:

  1. Make your surroundings safe and interesting for your child. Giving children the chance to explore freely in a child-safe space is an effective way to manage behaviour and encourage learning.
  2. Create family routines. Children feel more secure and have a better understanding of what’s expected of them when the same things happen in the same order every day.
  3. Praise and encourage your child. Be specific, timely and let them know that you notice when behaviours are positive.
  4. Role model positive behaviours. Be a good example and your child will learn by watching what you are doing. If…

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