Valentines Day Gift Guide: 14 Must-Have Items 2019

Valentines day is around the corner and today I’m going to share my Valentines Gift Guide! If you’ve seen my recent Christmas Gift Guide then you already know to expect a great read. For those of you who haven’t read it yet many of the ideas from that article could still inspire your gifts for a loved one of Valentine’s day so its still worth a look.

Let’s get started with Valentine’s day, I’m sure you already know a couple of these ideas as they are stereotypical but they work!!!


Almost every woman loves chocolate. There are so many different kids to choose from too that there is no way you can go wrong with this one. Lindor has thousands of delicious flavours to choose from as well as Hershey an all those other fancy brands come out with decorative chocolates just in time for the holiday. Please refer yourself to this List of Amazing Chocolates to give at Valentines Day!


Ahhhh, flowers, a very inexpensive, easy but very appreciated way to say “I love you, you are beautiful to me.” I use to be a girl who never loved flowers or even gardening for that matter and then I met a man who showed me to appreciate the beauty in the small things.


So I figured those two were the obvious ones.


Some say women love perfume because they think it has magical powers. But I’ve never heard of or had the audacity to even think of perfume being magical… Like wtf? As a woman myself, I like to wear perfume. When I wear perfume it makes me feel good about myself, I smell good so I feel good. Perfume is also extremely pleasing to one’s senses. When someone tells you “hey you smell good” it brightens your day.

New Purse

It’s simple. Women love to accessories and what better way for her to do it. That handbag she’s had her eye on from Coach? Or the Purse from Michael Kors, or Guess she keeps talking about? Why not get her that for Valentines Day this year.


Candles are great gifts for almost any occasion. The perfect scent will say exactly what you what it to say. For example, warm vanilla sugar might suggest the context ” I wanna snuggle up and cuddle with you ” or one of these lovely Tropical scented ones might say ” I want to whisk you away to a private island and eat fruit while we sip drinks from glasses made of coconuts as we lay in the sand ” hahaha yeah so that got a little in depth. But at least you get a real visual!


What better way to say “you’re with a million bucks to me!” Get her something extra special she will for sure want to flaunt to all her friends the way you want to flaunt her! Some suggestions are my Personal Faves: Charmed Aroma, Pandora, Swarovski, Michael Hill!

Flirty Mug

If she’s a coffee drinker which most of us are then the perfect smaller gift if you’re on a little bit of a budget would be a flirty mug and maybe go a step further and decorate it with valentines candies and chocolates.

Something Sexy for the Bedroom

This one for the older viewers, if you live with your significant other, surprise him or her with something sexy to wear this year. I won’t go too far into details with this one. Gotta keep it somewhat PG. But pick the right thing and you’re in for a night of fun.


What’s her shoe size?

Don’t know? Wondering how the hell you’re going to find out without asking her(if you ask her it will totally drop a hint to what you’re getting her this year.

So couple suggestions here before you rat yourselves out…

Ask her mother what her a hoe size is

Ask her best friend

You live together damn it go to the front door or where ever you keep your shoes and pick up a show of hers and look for the size, it’s that simple but make sure she isn’t in the room when you do it. She will ask why you’re inspecting her shoes… Lol

But yes Shoes are a wonderful gift for us lovely ladies.

Bath Set

Because we all need to relax sometimes, what better way than a lovely bath set. Pampering is always a lovely gift!

Kobe E-reader with Sexy Novels loaded right onto it.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries or some type of Edible Arrangement

Which you can either make yourself for that extra special touch or you can have them made, and delivered by Edible Arrangments. They have so many delicious looking arrangements to choose from within many price ranges. Food and chocolate. There’s really no going wrong!!!

Lipstick Set

Makeup companies always take advantage near Valentine’s days because of most of the colours they sell are well colours you see on Valentine’s days

Love book

This website allows you to create a book telling someone just how much you love them. It’s a super personal way that shows you put a lot of effort into their gift. You may not be the best or.moat creative when it comes to homemade gifts this is the next closest thing!!!

Bonus: Set of ” Open When” Letters

So this idea is fairly vague but writes your S.O. 10 different letters to open and 10 different points in their lifetime. Some suggestions I could give you are:

  • When you’re having a bad day
  • When you miss me
  • When you’re angry at me
  • When you’re having a good day
  • When you turn 30
  • When your feeling under the weather

The key to this gift is getting personal with your lover. No one writes handwritten letters anymore. Something so simple will put the biggest smile on her face because it’s more than just simple it’s sentimental and deep and shows you really truly care.

For a wonderful list of what to put in your Open When Letters check out this link

Bonus: Enchanted Rose

Let her know just how special she is this year with the most beautiful lamp she will ever see. It will remind her of the tale as old as time, her very own Belle Rose Lamp. She’s your Beauty, you’re her Beast.

There you go everyone, 14 of the perfect gifts to chose from for the one you love this Valentine’s Day along with 2 Extras! I really hope I inspired or helped someone out there. Please remember that many of the gifts from my Christmas Gift Guide would also make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Thank you all for viewing my post and thanks to all the visitors who stopped by from Amanda’s Website! I hope to see you all again real soon!

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