How Do You Chia

Hello, Everyone! How have you all been doing?

I haven’t been doing too well these past few days but I’m taking it easy and I spoke with my Doctor. I have started puking and he thinks that because there are no signs of infection it’s likely because of how constipated I’ve become. This has definitely inspired me and given me the confidence to talk about poop.

Don’t worry I won’t talk about it in this post too much. This post I want to tell you all about Chia Seeds. I have been wanting to put this one out there for a while now. Around I would say December I picked up a package of chia seeds from my grocery store. I have been LOVINGGG them and I know that they have some great health benefits as well.

So, some of you might be asking yourselves “well what’s a chia seed?” Chia Seeds are one of the latest superfood crazes. A Chia see is similar to a sesame seed but are part of the mint family. In places like Central America, you can even find them grown as herbs. Today I want to tell you about some of the benefits these little babies are jam packed with.


Did you know that just Two Tablespoons of Chia Seeds have all of these benefits?

  • More Potassium than a Banana by 64%
  • 2x the Antioxidants of Blueberries
  • They give you 41% of your Daily Fibre intake
  • It has 5x more Calcium than Milk
  • 100% more Omega 3s than Salmon
  • 3x the Iron than Spinach
  • 20% Protein and 32 % of your Daily Magnesium intake.


These little guys are truly amazing. They provide your body with Energy and Stamina, they help work to strengthen your immune system, they even help normalize Blood Sugars. Chia seeds are said to help cleanse the colon which sounds perfectly fine with me.

I did recently see something on Women’s Health Magazine that said there were some cases where people who had esophageal complications ended up needing to seek medical attention after consuming these. It’s definitely something that you should read before considering adding these into your diet.

Some more things they are great for are clearing the toxins from your body, reducing inflammation, they are said to promote a good nights sleep.

They are said to help with joint pain and can apparently aid in preventing cancer. You want to be careful not to eat too many per day though because it will lower your blood pressure more than needed. It’s ideal to aim for 3 tablespoons or less.

*Chia seeds are also great for promoting Healthy Hair Skin & Nails.*


There are many different ways that you can get used out of your chia seeds!

You can put them in your water and drink them right like that but you want to make sure they have sat and soaked for a while before. I believe it’s at least an hour.

You can use them as a garnish, You can make some Chia Seed Pudding, my Gal Pal has a great recipe!

They are great to add to dips, jams, sauces, and smoothies. Did you know they can even be used to replace an egg?

Question: How do you get your Chia Seeds?

I’ll start! – Two of my favorite ways to use chia seeds is in my Morning Oatmeal or in a Chicken Teriyaki dish where I add it right into the sauce.


Thanks, everyone! Have a Great week! Xoxo

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