Winter Bucket List + FBL update

Hello, all my Delicious Coffee Beans. I hope you have been enjoying your days of fall. Were now nearing the end of Fall with about a month left to go so I figured I would do an update on my Fall Bucket List and get started on my Winter bucket list too!

Amidst all the crazy day to day things we do in our lives we have managed to do a good chunk of this years Fall Bucket List and I am so thankful to have done as many fun things as we have this year. I’ve copied and crossed out the things we have done and I share a little bit about how they went before moving onto my winter bucket list! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we had fun doing all these things.

So I’m gonna start off with something we did so many different times this year. Next year I will definitely take pictures because the seasonal changes are absolutely breathtaking. This year I was too in the moment enjoying my time with my Daughter.

Go on a nice long Fall walk in nature! I’m going to let her explore and play with all of the things nature has to offer like leaves and twigs and rocks.

This was one of my favorite things to do this season. We went on so many walks in nature. Some with our backpack some with the stroller all well worth while and amazing. Seeing the seasonal changes as they were happening was priceless and I’m glad my Daughter and I got to experience them. She loved seeing all the animals at the park and the different coloured leaves on the ground. Everytime she saw a dog she would start saying woof woof and want to pet them.

Make Apple Crisp, because it’s so amazingly delicious!

My sister was the one who made the apple crisp when she came home from University for Thanksgiving (were Canadian so our Thanksgiving happens in October) but it was sooooooo delicious let me tell you I could’a ate the whole thing 🤤🤤

Now that the weather has officially started getting cooler as we transition ourselves to my old bedroom we will also be transitioning our summer clothes and switching them out for fall and winter items.

We have officially gone through both of our dressers both mine and Elayna’s and I have also gotten Elayna’s dresser ready for the next size up along with her two her outfits. I always love going through our clothing. It allows me to see what we’ve got, what we need and what would actually look really great together that I haven’t thought of before. It’s kinda like shopping in our own closet!

Jump in a leaf pile! I think my little one will find so much joy in doing this all the sensory differences, all the freedom it gives her.

Elayna got to do this one with her grandpa who had such a good time with her doing so. She is definitely a Grandpa’s Girl. 🥰🥰🥰

Wear all my hoodies at least once! I mean I’ll probably have 2 or 3 that I wear endlessly but want to wear all of them at least once this year, it’s necessary for me.Start practicing different ways of self-care including dedicating a day per week to doing so. Self Care Sunday’s sound like a great idea!

I’m still working on these two. The season isn’t over yet and I’ll definitely be wearing my hoodies into the winter season too so there is plenty of time. As for self-care Sundays everythings always different and changing with new things popping up every day so we’re still working on that one. Hopefully, the winter weather will keep us inside long enough.

Also since the fall season isn’t officially over I still have a bit of time to achieve some of my leftover goals that haven’t been mentioned here yet. As we quickly make our way into the winter season with the weather reflecting the season of winter already it’s time I indulge in making a Winter wishlist.

Build a snowman. It’s my daughters second winter. Well technically 3d because she was born at the end of winter in 2018 so she was a newborn for the end of winter and she was just under a year during the snow last winter but still wasn’t able to really play in the snow.

This year in Canada winter has come early with a beautiful sprinkling of snow this past Monday. The day it stopped snowing Elayna got to watch her grandpa shovelling the snow from inside the house and absolutely loved it. Then after breakfast, we bundled up in her snowsuit and headed outside to play in the snow. The snow wasn’t quite right for making a snowman just yet but we sure had fun playing in it anyways.

Mail Letters to Auntie Lala this is something we have done a couple times throughout the year but I definitely want to do it during the winter with a couple of photos too!

Make a snow angel. This is again something we need lots of snow for. Elayna doesn’t really know what this is yet so it will probably be me doing it and assisting her with hers but next time there’s untouched snow outside you know what we’re doing 😌

Sip hot chocolate. This is more something I’m going to do more of then my LO. I recently tried putting some warm hot chocolate in her sippy cup and she spat it right out at me 🤦‍♀️ It was almost as good as when she grabbed my cup of milk from the kitchen table and threw it up over both of us. Next thing we new we were both dripping in milk and headed for the showers.

Watch the winter classics and original Christmas movie lineup. This is a must in my household every year. I remember getting cozy in the blankets cuddling with my parents and sister with our hot chocolate watching the original frosty the snowman and Rudolph the red nose reindeer. You know the ones that are really old animation and claymation. I think its important to include my Daughter in such an important and simple tradition. It’s the simple things in life that make life so enjoyable. Earlier today we watch the original Frosty the Snowman it was great!

Cook a crockpot meal. Okay so my moms already done the seasons first crockpot meal but I’m so excited to have many more of them.

Go for a winter walk. I want to do this in a nice fresh blanket of snow. Boots and snow pants on, hats and mitts. All bundled up so much so that it’s hard to walk even before getting in the snow. This is a true Canadian thing to do!

Hang the stockings & Decorate the tree! We usually do this the weekend we celebrate my birthday after we get home from my favourite birthday Dinner 🥰

Celebrate my birthday! I haven’t decided exactly what I want to do yet but I know it will be so special. A lot more than the last couple of years. I’m back home with my daughter and we’re both safe and thriving. I’m happy and healthy and surrounded by true love.

Play in the snow!!! We have already done this too but we will definitely be doing a lot more of this! It’s a great way to spend the winter bundled up and playing in the snow with your imagination!!!

Visit Santa Clause, cause I mean who the heck doesn’t visit Santa at Christmas time 🤭🤭🤭

Breakfast with Santa we will probably do this with my Aunt at her church!!!

Visit a light show. This use to be one of my favourite things to do in the winter. We would usually do this around my birthday too and we would go to Niagara Falls. It’s absolutely breathtaking!

Build a blanket fort so we can have fun and stay nice and cozy while reading Christmas stories inside of our fort!

Spend a night by myself sipping tea in the Hot Tub. I love doing this. It’s such a nice way to relax. I, unfortunately, I haven’t done it in a while. My dad emptied it for a while so he could do his deep cleaning and I just hadn’t felt like going in it for a while. Most often I’m too exhausted and want to just drink a tea quickly and head to bed. Then of course when I wanted to go in the hot tub I couldn’t because of the stitches I had in the bottom of my foot. 🤦‍♀️

Finish 2 Chapter Books. This one is definitely more for me but my daughter has been loving it too. Instead of reading her books for Nap Time and Bedtime I have started reading my own books, chapter books while putting her to sleep. I do so on a low soft voice that she finds very soothing and within a couple weeks couple pages to a chapter a day we have already finished our first book. So it is my hopes that we will finish another two chapter books at least by the end of Winter!

I got this idea one day. She’s getting older and more verbal, starting to speak in her own little language but just a bit clearer and more understandable. (Today it sounded like she said “how cool” 😍🥰) she also shows so much interest in the books I keep on my headboard I figured it will only benefit her and me if I start reading them to her. It fosters her love of books and learning and helps to expand her vocabulary. It also helps me remember why I loved reading books in the first place. I actually cried at the end of our first book. Not because it was over but because the story was so deep and so touching. It really got my heartstrings.

I feel like I will probably add more to this bucket list as time passes but I think this is a very acceptable, very well thought out list to have so far. Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by and read my Winter Bucket List. If you’ve made it this far, what’s on your winter bucket list? Any traditions in your family?

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