Hello Jello

So, I kept thinking I needed this wicked name to tie this post together.

*update: my child is almost two years old now*

Ya know kinda like the perfect pair of shoes ties a whole outfit together. 👌

Well, I decided to stop overthinking the title and just keep it simple. I thought, its an introductory and sensory activity with jello so why not just say Hellloooo to Jellllooooo?


So, this is a super simple craft or activity. I’m not going to give you any strict directions because you might not buy the same brands as I did.

Basically, all I did here was take a packet of gelatin. Read the directions, grabbed a bunch of toys my daughter really enjoys and let them sit inside the gelatin in the fridge overnight. I added food colouring so it would be a little more fun. Daddy chose purple because it’s Mommy’s favourite colour but you can do any colour you’d like.

The reason I chose to use gelatin for baking instead of jello was that I feel that jello is high in sugar and I knew she was bound to eat some. I didn’t want her ingesting all that sugar at such a young age. But that decision is up to you because gelatin and jello do in fact work for this activity.

I let my daughter enjoy this after she woke up from her morning nap while I made lunch for the two of us. By the time she was done the food was too. Perfect timing!!!

Thank you, everyone, so much I hope you all enjoyed this idea. I hope your little ones have as much fun as my little love did. Don’t forget to check out what spooky fall films are actually baby friendly. Have a great day ❤

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