Garnier Micellar Water Review

Hi everyone, I have started transitioning some of my work from my previous website over and this post today will be one of them.

So I am obviously revising and updating the posts as I do so. Please keep in mind the photos are quite old as well.

What was once the most recent addition to my skincare collection has now become a staple and changed the way I take my makeup off for good. Garnier Micellar Water has given me outstanding results for years now in taking my makeup off gently and with ease. I use the bottle with the Blue cap to be exact!

The first time I used this to remove my makeup I fell in L-O-V-E, love. It was the best thing I had ever used on my face not only to remove makeup but, then afterwards the “cleansing” part of this “Micellar Water” allowed me to fall asleep with it still on my face without causing breakouts or irritation. Perfect to remove makeup quickly and thoroughly the first time which is crucial for me especially now being a Mom and such.

When I first bought this product I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, I just needed a decent makeup remover for an affordable price. I had been using a cream remover from Avon and realized it had been irritating my eyes. I read the package and figured it would be something new to try out and it looked like it would definitely do what I needed it to. The package tells you this product is an “ All-in-one cleansing Micellar water, with no Oil, Fragrance, or Alcohol.”

What is Micellar Water? What is a Micelle? And Micellization? How does this product even work?

Micellization is the term to describe the aggregation of molecules in a colloidal solution or a surfactant. Surfactants have two ends to the molecule. Hydrophilic which attracts water and, Lipophilic which attracts oil. Thus creating a push-pull effect allowing the makeup that’s on your face to roll around and form into little balls and come off onto the cosmetic pad/cotton round your using! Super easy to use and really good for your skin!

Back to the product by Garner itself…

Garnier Micellar Water

Some key factors I found great about this product that I’d like to point out is that it dissolves makeup quickly and gets it off your eyes completely when used correctly, this ensures I get even the most stubborn mascara off my eyes and benefits the skin around my eyes not only now but in the long run because I’m not pulling at the skin more to remove impurities from my face, over time this leads to wrinkles. It doesn’t sting at all when using it in the eye region either, which allows you to let the product sit and soak your lashes for a few moments longer than normal.

This is the first product that I have used that I have been able to let it sit on my eyes and it’s not uncomfortable, it gets literally all of the product off. I personally have very stubborn, sparse, short lashes and I hate leaving even that excess little bit of product on my eyes, I found myself picking my mascara off and my eyelashes would come with it!


I feel like this product is a God sent for my eyelashes! I think the only con to this product is that even though the label says it’s an “oil-free” product it still displays an oil-like separation but in all honesty so does almost every other product that advertises that. You get a lot of the product in this package so you end up getting your money’s worth, the package design is also quite sleek and eye-catching as well.

This product would be good for people with all skin types, yes even the sensitive and the acne prone! My sensitive skin friends should add this product to their skincare routine too because it will allow you to use a face wash that isn’t as harsh on your skin afterwards (because you don’t need the extra strength to remove makeup your old remover didn’t pick up.) Acne prone Skin can benefit from this because it removes the makeup more thoroughly than other makeup removers meaning less clogged pores, the skin breathes more and responds better to a cleanser if you still opt for that step.

People with oily skin would benefit from this because it helps remove excess oils from your face while still keeping a healthy Ph balance on your skin. (When you remove too much oil you strip the skin and lower the Ph balance so your skin is forced to hydrate itself at a quicker rate the overproduction is something that can worsen acne issues.) If the Blue-capped one doesn’t suit your needs than Garnier has other kinds for you to choose from as well. I absolutely love this product it’s so refreshing and truly lives up to its label advertisement, It has been in my HOLY GRAIL of skin care products for almost 4 years now!

I just want to state for the record these thoughts are genuine and this is not a sponsored post.

Thank you, everyone, so much for stopping by and reading. Please remember that this is a revised version of one of my older posts from my previous website. Since I’ve revised and released it here you will no longer be able to access it on my previous website.

What are your thoughts on Garnier Micellar Water?

10 thoughts on “Garnier Micellar Water Review

  1. Tiffany

    I need to try this for my oily skin. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


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  2. Katie Mander Saada

    I LOVE micellar water! After I started using this, I’ll never go back to another makeup remover. It was interesting to read some of the science behind it, I never really understood it before – thanks for sharing!

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    • CoffeeMamma

      I personally like to use cotton rounds or cotton pads with it. However take a look at my norwex post. I now use their body cloth with hot water and it takes off my makeup better than micellar water ever did and it’s chemical free. Literally just the cloth and got water. I will be doing an updated post soon.

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