Pregnancy cravings

One of the more commonly talked about things that happen during pregnancy is cravings.

Everyone always asks me what I craved and if it changed at all. It’s like they can’t wait to compare it with their wild cravings.

Well, I don’t think I had any that were too abnormal but I did have many and they changed a lot. I wanted healthier options though which was nice. I could live with the fact that at least my weight gain was from healthy food. 😂

I’m almost 7 months postpartum now but thinking back I can still remember the taste and texture of my first craving. It would have been the weekend after she was just starting out in my tummy, well before we had any idea we were pregnant. I only remember this because a friend who I’m not close with anymore (you have kids and lose all your friends hahaha who can relate?) had brought me a special treat to eat after the surgery I was supposed to have. (Didn’t end up having that surgery until 2 weeks later.)

Anywho, the treat was Coconut haystacks. They were from this organic health food store and they were so yummy. I ate all 10 of them before the weekend was over.

So, the second thing I really remember craving was watered down lemonade. I had to sip something sour to help with the extreme morning sickness I was experiencing but I had to water it down because it was really sweet and tart at the same time and I wanted something a little bit softer.

So really the only things I could actually stomach in my first trimester were sour things. The other things I craved during my first trimester were salt and vinegar popcorn with enough seasoning on it to make your nose bleed everything you inhaled, cucumber and pickle salad (soooooo yummmmmmyyy) I would absolutely love a big plate of fresh veggies that I dipped in red pepper hummus, and I’m pretty sure it was the sesame chicken salad from McDonald’s. Whatever it was it was nice and light and had edamame in it. Again another delicious & healthy option.

Weird fact: After the first trimester I started having aversions to pickles. Currently, unless the pickles are in something like a sandwich or burger I can’t eat them. I still have a big aversion to them.

Heading into my second-trimester I found myself eating a lot of Jo Louis. I craved ice coffee but obviously, I had to limit myself as you’re not really supposed to have a lot of caffeine while you’re pregnant. Around this time is when went on an extreme ice cream binge. I swear I probably spent upwards of $500 during my second and last trimester on ice cream alone. It was insane especially because it was like the same flavour 90% of the time. I had chocolate here and there but I was super stuck on chapman’s mint chip. Crazzzzyyyy.

Around Christmas time I was about 8 Months along and I started having a really bad craving for bounty. The chocolate bar with coconut in the middle. Omg sooooo goood. Just talking about it makes me want one. This craving led to a chocolate craving which I still get often and I mean often. Even 7 months postpartum I still crave chocolate. Sometimes its so bad I have to steal some of my hubby’s chocolate.

So, onto what I craved for probably the last 4 months I was pregnant. But we can just call in the last trimester’s cravings. This is where things got really healthy. All I wanted was home cooked mashed potatoes (my special recipe,) cooked veggies and chicken. I could not get enough of leafy greens and broccoli and cauliflower. Zucchini though, zucchini was an absolute must have. I went through like 4 zucchinis a week. So crazy.

I really loved being pregnant and everything it came with but I love being a mom more. Thanks to everyone who stuck this out until the end. Now that I’ve shared my cravings I wanna hear all of yours.

What did you crave while you were pregnant?

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