The mommy hook

Soooooo, I’d like to talk about my “mommy hook.”

I think they are a wonderful thing and I’m kicking myself in the ass for not buying two of them when I had the chance.

You know that little hooky clipy thingy that comes with like almost everything. I think they’re called carabiner hooks or clips. Basically its a really big one of those meant for moms and dads to use.

Typically they’re used on strollers and that’s currently where I get the most use out of mine. Here are some lovely examples just to entice you. Trust me when I say this is no sales pitch or anything. I genuinely feel that all parents could get great use out of these.

I mentioned earlier how I should have bought more than one. I actually found that you can order the mommy hook from Walmart so I ordered myself a second one and I can wait to try the last photo out!!! Life will be so much easier!!! This is the one I currently have and I ordered myself another pretty pink one.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my post. I hope I made someone’s life easier today. Happy Weekend 🎉✨

Before you go, how do you or would you use your mommy hook?

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