International Women’s Day: The modern day girl code.


For every #internationalwomensday post you see today, I want you to remember this.

We may be different skin tones, different races, but we are all Women.

As Women, we need to do more and be more for our fellow women.

Build up and don’t tear down.

Don’t seat around watching the abuse of your fellow woman or the unfair treatment of other women. 

Don’t degrade other women or call them names.

Don’t judge other women too harshly, you don’t know what they are going through.

Employ other women and pay them their due, make a conducive working environment for women.  In the work place don’t take advantage of other women.

Don’t be the one to ruin your fellow woman’s chance at a promotion, a raise or love alike.

Don’t plot against other women its trashy and disgusting.

Support other women’s businesses, buy from them, post their business and when you…

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