9 things to do with your 6-12-month-old

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this lovely fall weather. My Lil lady & I have surely been loving it so.

*update: my daughter is now 20 months and a thriving toddler im reposting this because these are all still great ideas for young ones*

As it gets colder and colder out I have found myself thinking “what am I going to do with my Daughter in the colder months?” She loves being outside so I feel this may be a bit of a rough winter. I still plan on taking her out for her evening walk but I don’t want to be going out more than once a day on a regular basis. I’d like to stay home and relax a bit.

My daughter is only 7 and a half months old right now so there aren’t many seasonal baby-friendly activities for me to go off of for entertainment. I’ve had to think quite a while about what would be sensory, safe, seasonal and fun. Here’s what I came up with.

Fall coloured cornstarch fun:

This is really something that is more interchangeable with each season. I remember as a kid I used to love playing with simply cornstarch mixed with the perfect amount of water. It’s both solid and liquid at both times. I’m pretty sure it’s called oobleck? Well, it’s safe, its fun, it’s sensory & cheap. Simply add food colouring to make seasonal.


So, gourds are another very seasonal item. I don’t think you could possibly go a whole fall season without thinking of them, hearing about them, seeing them. It’s a season staple. So I thought… “Why not let my daughter play with them?” So I went to the grocery store and bought some, washed them up and voila. My daughter was presented with something super simple and seasonal. They’re rich in texture and colour and I’m not sure if they smell but she can still manage to somehow fit them in her mouth so there’s that… She even chose a favourite one!

Leaves, but not my child:

So, leaves are a wonderful thing to let your child explore this fall. First of all, they’re free. At the beginning of the season, they are still fresh and full of colours. Then, throughout the season they change in texture, smell & colour so they’re great in so many ways. Unfortunately, as much as my child loves them she is no longer allowed to play with them. She’s been eating them and so far it hasn’t been a great turnout.


Going for walks is always a lovely idea! If you have your child front facing in your stroller they can see a lot more too. You could look for local parks, pathways and streets with nice big trees!

Snuggle and watch movies:

Sometimes it’s nice to just snuggle up and watch some movies with some blankets and some warm milk. I know they say no screen time before the age of 2 but I really can’t help it in my house. She’s loved basketball since she was in my tummy. Anywho if you click the subtitle it’s actually a link to a list of baby-friendly fall films. Enjoy!

Snuggle and read books:

So, just as much as you can snuggle up and watch movies you can also snuggle up and read books. Books are a wonderful way to spend some inside time or some downtime with your child.

Fall Themed Baby Treats:

So for this one, I’m really thinking outside the box. I’ve got a pumpkin I might roast. I’ve got some baby food that sounds deliciously and fell themed. With old-fashioned apple crisp puree, butternut squash, sweet potato… They have all types of mixtures for baby food that are perfect for both play and eating. They also have Apple Pumpkin Baby Mum treats that are deliciously in season. You could even make your own homemade Applesauce. The possibilities are endless really. What are you eating this fall?

Hello Jello Indoor Fun:

This is a super fun sensory activity that can be done indoors during the colder months. You can put almost anything you’d like in it too. Use fall-themed colours and you’re set. Follow the link for more instructions.

Look for local Fall Festivals to check out:

Google to find out what’s happening in your area this fall. Things like festivals & events are great because they will usually be fall themed and they’re full of decor and colours and tons of things you might not think are sensory but because it’s all new to babe it’s beyond their wildest dreams. You might even come across some freebies or samples.

Rake and Play in a pile of Leaves:

So, as mentioned above leaves are a great way to get some seasonal sensory play in. Why not rake a bunch into a pile and let babe play with them. You can even do this with tummy time!

I had so much fun working on this post. It was so important to me that I made this list because for a while I was starting to go crazy thinking about how the hell do I entertain my girlll!!! I wanted to make sure I shared my ideas for all the moms out there asking themselves the same question. 😘 This one is truly for you.

I so thankful to everyone who’s made it this far. Thank you so much for reading my post. If you want to see more posts by me then be sure to subscribe. If you don’t have a WordPress account you can follow by email now too! I hope you all enjoyed my post and I hope everyone has a great day. 😘

What do you do with your infant?

20 thoughts on “9 things to do with your 6-12-month-old

  1. Nabeela

    I have a 2 1/2 year old son…. Nowadays he wants to explore outside…. It is too difficult to make him sit inside home…. So we are going for trips in every weekends….

    Liked by 1 person

    • CoffeeMamma

      I definitely understand what that feels like. My daughter started hating her stroller around 14 months. Maybe a little earlier. She absolutely hatesss it. So I caved and bought her a backpack with a leash. I never wanted to be one of the mom’s that did that but her being just shy of two years old also means that she still doesn’t understand a lot of things yet. She gets her freedom to explore with it though and absolutely loves it. It’s a God sent! Thanks for stopping by! Hope your little one had a great Halloween!

      Liked by 1 person

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