The Only Way Out Is Through

Loved reading this. Such a great post!

My fave part was the paragraph this quote came from.
“But most importantly, you have to commit to the process – no matter how long it takes – because this is your mountain to climb and living a life of regret is simply not an option.”

The Better Man Project ™

Through the greatest of sacrifices we open the gates of possibility – witness a version of ourselves greater than we are now – and begin to embody the true essence of our spirit.

We become who we are meant to be.

And for the first time in our lives, the images of who we thought we were begin to shatter and disappear back into the ether.

For thousands of days, I have sat down at my desk to transcribe the whispers of my soul.

When I found the courage, I would write about the great tragedies and victories of my life, express my dreams and try my best to come to an understanding of how lost I felt at times.

What came out was pure, honest and as authentic as I could possibly be. Even though my fears arrive and try to stop the ink from flowing, there’s always something…

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