When a Toddler Communicates

My little girl is getting better at it every day!

Today Elayna asked for pizza for lunch and we don’t get take out very often for lunch so mommy thought she would surprise her with pizza for lunch just like she had asked. She was so absolutely excited about it and keeps saying mommy got me pizza while she eats. She’s almost done her second slice too, I feel like she will eathalf of a 3d piece.

I’m so happy and proud of her for being able to communicate to me that she wanted pizza for lunch! Her communication gets better and better with each day she grows! What a great way to give her a little treat for lunch just like she asked for


There we go, more please pizza

Onto slice number 3 🥰🥰🥰 she’s growing up so fast.

4 thoughts on “When a Toddler Communicates

  1. liva17

    that is wonderful! our little also has started communicate with us more and it’s such a fantastic feeling when you can actually have a convo with them. Just yesterday she was explaining to her dad why I told her “hand!” while holding her, she said “hand no touch nipples mommy”. What she meant was – “I’m not allowed to touch mommy’s nipples.” Needless to say, we tried very hard not to laugh…

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