Ice Sun Catchers

This is a great and unique crafts to do while keeping the kids inside these next few weeks

joyful parenting

Ice Suncatcher (5)

We’re in the very last days of winter here, so Travis and I wanted to try one last icy project! To start, he ventured outside to collect a few late winter/early spring nature finds, including old pine boughs, pine cones, and the first of the tulip petals!

Inside, we arranged these in the lids of Tupperware containers, along with a loop of ribbon for each. Travis was very deliberate about placing the items.

Ice Suncatcher (2)

If it’s still icy winter where you live, set them outside to freeze. We cheated a bit and used the freezer!

Ice Suncatcher (4)

Once completely frozen, run a little warm water around the edges of the lids and the sun catchers should release easily. Now hang them to sparkle in the sun!

Ice Suncatcher (6)

As a bonus, the nature items will simply fall back to earth once these melt, and all you have to do is collect the ribbons.

Ice Suncatcher (7)

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