New to Canada & having a baby? Support is available

Pregnancy to Parenting

Individual with scarf sits with baby in lap at table full of paperwork.

Imagine moving to a new country, not speaking the language, not having family support, and having a new baby?   This is what many new Canadian families are experiencing in Toronto.   Every day we have new, young families moving to our city who are unfamiliar with the land, language, and resources available to them.

Did you know….

  • immigrant women are 1.5 to 2 times more likely to suffer from depression during pregnancy and after having a baby  compared to non-immigrant women
  • women who have recently arrived to Canada can experience isolation, poverty, language barriers, and poor nutrition which puts them at risk for depression
  • Many cultures do not use or understand the term ‘depression‘, which makes it harder for those suffering to get help
  • Immigrant women feeling sad or depressed often don’t get help because they are afraid their community will find out
  • Using the supports available in your…

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