I Want To Be Alone But I Don’t Want To Be Alone

Rosie Culture

Reposted from 2016

I didn’t really know who I was until a few years ago. Internally, throughout my teen years, I had a strong sense of self. I knew what I wanted but just didn’t know how to get it. I couldn’t externalize what I was feeling internally which made me very lost.

I thought I found myself when I found my first real relationship. I became very dependent on my boyfriend and didn’t really realize it until the relationship ended. I also became very aware of anxiety issues that I had been pushing off onto him. I also became aware to the fact that I like being alone.

It wasn’t completely new to me. I didn’t have a ton of friends in high school and I always enjoyed sleeping and just having time to myself. I justified the fact that I was trulyalone a lot due to the fact…

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