2020 Intention Check In

Now that it surely feels like the winds are looking up and Spring feels right around the corner. It feels like the perfect time do to a 2020 Intention Update.

The last couple days have been increasingly warmer and the sunshine on my skin feels amazing. It feels amazing to just spend the days outside with fresh air almost the entire day because there’s no real risk of anyone freezing their buns off.

We spent over 5 hours within the last 3 days at the park playing and enjoying the wonderful weather. It’s been great and my girl has been having so much fun.

All of the changes in the weather have been so inspiring and it inspired me to reflect on how this year’s been going so far.

I’ll start at the beginning.

So I have applied to go back to college but there have been some things that have popped up and need taking care of before I can actually go. I’ll be taking care of these things shortly and hopefully come up with a better plan to go back to school.

I not only took, but excelled in a couple free courses I took and I am super excited to look into taking more.

I have surpassed my monthly quota I’ve set for myself and can gladly say I’ve been posting at least twice a month and I have even started scheduling posts in advance and have almost successfully scheduled over 2 posts a month. The month of May will be a really exciting month as I participated in a blogging challenge!!! There will be a new post released every morning!

I have started eating healthier and it feels great. I also started a light home work out routine, making sure I take at least 10,000 steps daily and a couple other things to help ensure I’m making healthy decisions as well as attempting to lose weight in a healthy way of doing so this time.

I had said that I wanted to achieve 10,000 views this year and I’m happily well on my way there. Within basically 2 months and less than 12 days into the 3d month of the year I have already achieved 44.4% of my goal! And I still got 9 months to go. 😌

I’m also well on my way to reaching 1000 followers too! I currently sit at 641!

I should really think about starting a post on the different ways I’ve been trying to reduce waste and become more green friendly. I have made quite a few changes which feel great!

I’ve started drinking more water on a regular basis but I haven’t yet reached a desired standard daily amount.

I’ve spent a good amount of time indulging in self care. It’s partly why my blog has been thriving so well this early in the year. I call it my evening Tea & Me time!

I have made certain attempts to become more involved in some charities and despite my best efforts, I haven’t found one particular one that I’d like to support year-round.

I’d like to say that I’ve also started purchasing from small businesses but besides my daughters birthday I haven’t had anything I’ve needed to buy a gift for. The gifts I gave my daughter for her birthday I had already had for a while too. I had the whole thing planned out since before Christmas. I got her a fancy-schmancy play kitchen for Christmas. My sister and her boyfriend gifted her the pots & pans and a set of food! For her birthday I got her a couple outfits and Tassimo children play coffee maker!!! She freaking lovesssss it. And I love having my little one pretend to make me 25 coffees a day! Each pretend sip tastes better and better 😌 the great thing about it is that once she is a bit older and doesn’t make such a mess with water I can actually put water in the Tassimo and suddenly that pretend coffee becomes magical water coffee! So it’s kinda like the gift that keeps giving!

My last paragraph was actually totally off topic but totally on topic kinda, still. Sort of.

Any who. I think within the first 3 months I have made a tremendous amount of effort towards my goals and achieved a decent amount of these goals.

I think some other things that have come up have added a few more goals to my list, like moving into our new apartment, it’s still under construction though so that’s a timeline I can’t exactly control which is fine. But that’s added it’s own list of things that need to be done which is just as exciting.

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and wanted to check up on how things have been going over here! I am so happy I decided to set more reasonable and. Achievable goals for myself. Being barely 3 months into the year and achieving so much has been an amazing feeling. And I know some of these goals sound small and might not sound all that great to some of you out there but they have truly impacted my life for the better and have been one step forward into the life is like to star