Winter Bucket List Check In

Hey yallllll

It’s me again, I’m a little late on all the check-ins but life has been filled with tonnes of adventures lately.

I’ve been having a good month so far and all of this nice weather just makes it all better. I’m quite concerned about all of the Corona Virus talk going around but I’m trying my best to just be prepared and avoid the hysteria. It’s still safe to go out for a walk so we have been doing lots of that lately and avoiding highly populated areas.

But I feel like I talked about the weather way too much in my last update post.

For this one ill just jump right into it. I know we all like the small talk but I’ve had a long day full of small talk.

So, the first thing on my bucket list was to build a snowman. Well, there were a couple more lovely snow falls but I think my girl had enough of the snow and cold the first time. Every time I would go to get her ready she never wanted to put her snow pants on. She screamed like it was the end of the world if she had to put her snow pants.

So unfortunately we did not build a snowman and I don’t think there will be another snow fall until next winter. But that’s okay. We will try again next year and hopefully she will understand why we MUST wear snow pants to play in the snow. Needless to say we hadn’t done much more playing in the snow either or get around to making a snow angel 🤷‍♀️

We didn’t get to mail anymore letters to Lala either because Lala switched dorm buildings and we don’t have her new address yet. But she came home lots which kinda made up for not mailing her letters cause we spent tons of time together ❤

We tried sipping hot chocolate and Elayna didn’t seem to like it too much. I even tried convincing her that it was chocolate milk and she wasn’t having that either. Buttttttt, she absolutely loves tea. Yup my toddler like to drink tea more than hot chocolate. I think she feels like she’s copying mommy because mommy drinks lots of tea. It’s the cutest really.

We absolutely didddd watch the Christmas movies and at first she was unsure of frosty the snowman but it grew on her. She really liked Rudolph too!

I did a crockpot meal and it turned out great. I made pulled barbeque chicken which we are on slider buns and had veggies as a side. Fresh cut cucumber, carrots, celery and some dip. It was delisssshhhh.

We enjoyed many winter walks!

We spent an evening decorating the tree and Elayna was such a big helper! She passed mommy all the ornaments and even hung some up on the lower branches herself! She had tons of fun and so did I.

We celebrated my birthday at my favorite place and it was lovely.

We visited Santa while having breakfast with him which was pretty cool although Elayna wasn’t a big fan of him. There were no successful photos this year 🤦‍♀️

We didn’t visit a light show because there were just too many conflicts in our schedules to make it happen this year.

We still haven’t built a blanket fort but we enjoyed a fort at the local Early On center before it closed to proactively slow the spread of Covid-19. We also read books and played puzzles in it too. She loved it.

I had a couple of nights to my self in a hot tub with a hot tea and it was lovely. I will definitely keep that going. I even sometimes watch Greys Anatomy while I’m in the tub it’s legit. Living the dream life over here!

We have not made it through 2 more chapter books. I was being totally unrealistic with that one 🤣😅 I’ve never really been much of a reader and we read so many little kids books throughout the day. But I will keep this an ongoing goal because I did enjoy it more than I thought I would.

I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all of my goals for winter and given an update on them. I’m so relieved I’ve finally done it. Even though it was super late. Thank you so much to everyone for stopping by! Stay safe!