Spring Bucket List

I’ve been saying this a lot in my last couple posts. But I’m late. Getting this one out too. I mean not like there is any deadline that I actually have to follow but it just feels to close to the seasonal change for me to be posting this.

So being honest with not only myself but you guys too, some of these items on my bucket list are probably going to sound pretty far fetched for everything that’s been going on amidst the Covid-19 pandemic considering all of the lock down a and avoiding crowds never the less these are still the things I would like to do this spring even once everything has been lifted.

Attend a Spring Festival, I feel like it will be full of happy vibes there.

Go for a walk in Gage Park, this is one of the bigger parks where I live. It’s beautiful and I recently visits their greenhouse for the first time. It was amazing!

Eat From a Food Truck, they usually have a food truck festival close by me twice a year once in the spring and once in the fall. It attracts humongous crowds so I have no idea what will happen this year. But crossing my fingers.

Have a Picnic, might end up doing this one in the backyard but pandemic times call for pandemic measures.

Celebrate Earth Day, I should figure out when this is.

Spring Cleaning, this is very exciting for me. I love cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Playlist, creating one of these will be so much fun.

Donate Items, as I pack up to move and as I unpack I will be letting go and donating many of my items that I don’t need or bring back memories that are unwanted.

Speaking of donating my mom just found an awesome place to donate all of the stuffed animals my daughter has doubles of or just doesn’t like to play with. They deliver them to other children of low income families and they even let you sign up to go on the delivery. I thinks that’s an awesome opportunity for kids to experience provided there at a good age to understand what’s going on.

Go to the Zoo, I mean as long as it’s open, I just feel the spring would be a better time to go, less crowded (hopefully) as well as the heat won’t be unbearable.

Visit the Greenhouse, we’ve already done this once and now the greenhouse is closed until further notice but once it opens we would love to go there again.

Color Eggs, this will be such a fun easter craft.

Blow Bubbles, because who doesn’t love to blow bubbles! Maybe we will even make our own.

Puddle Stomping, or also referred to as jumping. What better way to enjoy the rain!

Make cards for Grandpa’s Nursing Home, it’s the perfect thing for us to be doing and we have already started. I thought it would be a lovely way to cheer them all up since they’re in lockdown.

Catch a Butterfly, I feel like my daughter getting to see one up close will just drive her sense wild with curiosity.

Go to the Farmers Market, again, this will all depend on Covid-19

Go on a Hike

Have a Tea Party, my little miss loves drinking tea so this will be loads of fun.

Go to the Park, this is like a once a day every day thing that happens during the spring and summer right up until it’s too cold again.

Have a Barbeque, having family over for a barbeque sounds like a splendid idea and a great way to enjoy the weather.

While some of these feel so far fetched some of these also feel so achievable.

Thank you so much for checking out this post! What does your Spring bucket list look like?