The Emotions of Quarantine

Levine Lowdown

The world is in lockdown. Over 169 nations/regions have at least one confirmed case of Covid-19, and the number of global infections is rising exponentially. This has forced nations to close their borders, businesses to close their operation and communities to close their doors. These are unprecedented and unknown times which brings about many different emotions for different people. These are the emotions of quarantine and how we can respond positively to each (please keep in mind that I am not an expert, and these are just some approaches which I believe may help):


There is every reason to feel angry. Plans may have changed; routines could have been destroyed, and the typical structure of life may have disappeared. Whether you had short-term goals which are now unachievable, or you had worked had to achieve a specific objective which is now useless, this period has flipped all our lives…

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